For couples who are married, sexual relations can be one way to maintain a healthy body and mind. There are some startling facts about the sexual relationship has not been known. Anything?

Reporting from Medindia, following 10 interesting facts about sexual intercourse :

1. The number of people having sex per day
There are about 100 million people worldwide who have sex every day.

2. The number of people per year have sex
Based on the results of a survey conducted by The Durex World Sex Survey, a global result that people have sex as much as 103 times per year or 1.98 times per week or 0.28 times per day.

3. Food sex enhancer
Certain foods are known to improve one's sex drive, among other lean meats, grains, watermelon, Pumpkin seeds, almonds, bananas, strawberries, mango, avocado, chilli, cardamom, pepper, champagne, oysters, dark chocolate (dark chocolate) , truffles and caviar.

4. Sex burns calories
Having sex can burn 70-120 calories in women weighing about 60 pounds and 77-155 calories for a man weighing about 77 kilograms per hour.

5. Most countries who have sex
America and Greece recorded as the state with most sexual relationships in the world. In America there were reported 124 times per year sexual relationship in Greece and 117 times higher than the world average of 103 times. India recorded having sex only 76 times a year and the Japanese seem least interested in sex as only intercourse was recorded 36 times per year.

6. Erections at night
The study of erectile suggests that men may experience erectile about 9 times in a single night, regardless of whether or not he had erotic dreams.

7. World sex record
In 2004, porn star Lisa Sparxxx create a world record which is extraordinary, that is to have sex with 919 men within 24 hours.

8. The number of porn sites
There are more than 4.2 million pornographic websites in the world grows every day with millions of videos that illustrate a variety of sexual relationships.

9. The position of the Kama Sutra
In the ancient book of Hindu Sanskrit 'Kama Sutra', there are a total of 64 positions for sexual intercourse. This is illustrated very graphically by the statue in the temple of Konark and Khajuraho. Kama Sutra describes making love as "divine union".

10. The myth of sexual relations in Africa
In Africa there is one common myth in circulation, namely sexual intercourse with a virgin girl (virgin) can cure AIDS. This myth is known as Deflowering Virgins and has been popular since ancient times. Fatafehi Paulah, King of Tonga in the 17th century was even able to sleep with 10 virgins in one day.

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