Cherish you in every circumstance, with all the sincere hope of bringing peace wrapped in prayer so that even if they are not the same ideology with you. In such an atmosphere of grief, amid the pace of poverty that is increasingly open, both diseases of liver disease or disease that more and more diverse kinds, in the midst of conflict between nationalities are also elements of society. Among those who did not sin against the cruel ruler of the noisy uproar step on the dignity of his own brothers.

Our nation once known friendly, Our Indonesia respected by many nations for its rich culture and  natural wealth also biodiversity. But now the of the crisis struck, a moral crisis, economic crisis, until the crisis of leadership. People like helpless, punched in the face, at the foot of conscience by their own representatives. This is the right moment contemplation. Yes, contemplation month, such as 65 years ago when this nation's declaration of independence was declared by  Soekarno - Hatta, with the situation and condition is unsophisticated. Whether a coincidence or Allah has an another plan, dated Agustus 17th 1945 to coincide with the Jumat day, Ramadhan 17th, 1365 H (Wikipedia), where on date 17th to coincide is the Holy Qur'an revelation was derived. But why the ideals it was turned towards the current conditions, although such a sparkling must - once again - step on the dignity of his own brothers. Let us ask ourselves?

So not really exaggerating this holy month, Ramadhan mubarok, glorious month, the month of revelation of the Holy Qur'an, we would be a milestone in the beginning again, to plant and harvest crops virtue, manners please love one another, stringing bits of sense of nationality that has been torn away and class interests, hopes and muse in every state in all he did as he had enjoined the Creator to every human being to become the inheritors of the earth, becoming a leader for himself and others.

As has been written in the Holy Qur'an Surah Al Baqarah
O, Hi who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as obligatory upon the people before you, that ye may be righteous. (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 183)

This obligation, requiring the people to willingly run, the purity of the soul and the fear that in truth. Because only Allah and we just knew if we really run or just part of it. This is actually the Allah of desire, if only all the elements capable of running this nation, nationalism canoe paddling together, in earnest and full of sincerity as well as the obligations of Ramadan that should be run with a sense of devotion, undoubtedly all sorts of epidemics, envious heart disease , Who glorify hatred, love of the world and material possessions will not be there or at least a percentage would be much reduced circumstances.

Not like now, sometimes it is hard to describe, our leaders are actually willing to bring the nation where children are scattered, starving in the midst of these great buildings, expect hundreds of money sheen behind the curtain and glass cars rich people, chained in prison beauty itself. Although this boat will be anchored leaking where, confused about the port or indeed lost in the path of light. Then, where the mandate 45's Constitution (UUD ’45) should be addressed?

Every religion teaches kindness, every heart and soul longing for peace and every Ramadhan should be a mirror for the future, in the eleven months to come. I'm not a smart or a holy man who gave teaching about virtue, but if this can be accepted, confronted face to Allah Swt, keep praying for each other, give one another and with a sincere affection maintain permanent harmony.

And please remember when Rasulallah Muhammad gave encouraging news to his people in a hadith: Really, be happy for people who through the month (Ramadhan) is by fasting, praying  and doing good deeds (charity pious).

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