From a few hundred or even thousands of friends and acquaintances from the Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Indonesian Cupid, Yuwie, Foursquare, etc, may already know a lot and even your experience finally get to know yourself  more closely and intimately with someone who was only known through the websites of friends like I have mentioned the above.

Starting from the internet media. Now the writer would tell a bit about the latter figure is close to the writer (better it was calling myself  a "writer" or "I"), okay I'll use "I" only then, if the writer  not looked smart. was the time - even today - our country are booming whose name the  Facebook  user commonly called facebooker, finally I also made an account on Facebook - encouragement and advice YM - friend. Because at that time I was again happy tooling with a blog on Blogspot. So there is nothing wrong, I also made the account.
After the past few months I joined on Facebook, in late October 2009 no by knowing I found out (how to find, right there's nothing missing) the figure of woman unison with me gave comments on the status of my friend (oh forgot what the status or photo), but her comment was clearly a very interesting and tickled my heart. Without waiting for a long time I was Googling on  Search Engine Goooogle, who knows there is more detailed information about the person I'm talking about this, and when I get the result after typing her name turns out there are many links that include her name, and the most made me interested in the figure of woman is she also has a blog with the title Sestri News, very good and interesting too the blog, I thought. Finally not long before I add her Facebook account.

Well, she was full named Francisca Sestri  is indeed a amazing person and not an overstatement if; I say she is a great woman. And from the mere comment, funny  criticisms and light to heavyweight because of - such as - the National issues (sometimes dizziness should think long, while scratching my head that didn't itch) to provide reply comments, I finally get closer to her , even in the early to be friends with joking tone saying, "Why you follow me when I update status or uploads." (the meaning why I always love comments, nosy, etc), but I was just smiling.

But that is where the familiarity with which she is known for energetic, decisive and disciplined appeared, until one day God will give the opportunity to meet his (with cold and hungry because of rain) at the Adi Sumarmo Solo International Airport on January 2010, but only briefly because she was there at the time the task in Semarang. With all the impressions, when Mustika Ratu Conggress at the Sheraton Mustika Hotel Yogyakarta, I take a time to meet her again (and with cold again because of rain) whereas expected at the Raminten, a unique restaurant with all a unique presentation, unique menu also waiter / s with all unique, located behind Gramedia Book Store in Yogyakarta.

Until one day I was invited to Jakarta for hospitality and meet with facebookers other and also the  chance to play house, meet his family members. So far I also like having a new family, because in one occasion he and his colleagues also take the occasion to fulfill my invitation, come to see my cabin (it's mean the house's of my parents, because I don't have a home).

There are still many events are also funny and touching me to make friends with her that comes from Pengging is very familiar with the heritage of the King of Surakarta or Umbul Pengging Bath and located in the western of  Solo City. Women who were born on August 8, 1959 is also known as the author of  the book. And that has been published and circulated in the Gramedia Book Store and Kinokuniya and in review on the Kompas Daily i.e, Tasika dan Kanti Redjeki that much about the life of childhood, about family, especially her mother until he was in advancing the progress of the National economy through the post on hold right now, namely as one of the General Manager in a national private company and as an administrator in several organizations like, GP-JamuPPA Kosmetika  also  Yayasan Puteri Indonesia.

And from these two books mentioned I also began to know more about her background that I can convey briefly after graduate high school in SMA 1 Solo for high school alumni joined in a named Kasmaji 77 (Bekas SMA Siji) and then continued her studies at the Surakarta State University (UNS Surakarta) Faculty of Economics Management in 1978 and  Magister Marketing at the Borobudur University (UNBOR Jakarta) Besides her thoughts are also on the fit in the Suara Karya daily and Jafek Magazine.

Oh yeah... I used to call her with the title Aunty (Let like people overseas, if the Javanese Bu Lek or Tante). That bit of two-trace the story of the cah nggunung, demit, genderuwo,etc (Ha2.. Often she calls me with the title). But no problem, because that obviously become a pride for me to have known the figure of this extraordinary woman and because I've been considered as part of their families. That with wise, humble, friendly and selfless always taken the time to simply tell a story, discussion, giving advice or sharing everyday life experiences are very valuable.

Thank you Aunty Sestri, hopefully what has been given and pass up to now would be an inspiration  for my self  and others., No forget I say Happy Birthday To You, may God be pleased to give long life under  healthy conditions,  prosperous,  peace forever, God bless and best regards for the whole your family, Amin...amiiin..

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