Whose names have sex, of course, should be enjoyed by both parties. But it's no secret, many wives who do not get satisfaction as expected. In fact, would felt tortured. Finally, they serve the husband with too reluctantly.

Here are 10 mistakes commonly done by the man at the time of intercourse, and how to overcome them.

1. There is no Preparation
To bring a cozy atmosphere, you do not have to be an interior designer reliably. What is important, consider the things that make a room or stuffy atmosphere here. First, get rid of piles of dirty clothes, or magazines, make up this bedroom. Then for make romantic atmosphere, try to reduce the lights, turn on soft music, and spray air freshener.

2. No Wear Warming
There was a time, you are very excited to remember to warm up. That's perfectly natural course. Which is not fair if every time you make an intimate relationship, your "main shoot" anyway. Believe it, your wife will feel the difference between having sex when their partner is with or without heating. Women need a little warming before reaching an intimate relationship. Heating can be a caress, caress, whispering words of tenderness and exciting.

3. Too Fast
Try to hold back when he saw the couple wearing a sexy nightgown. Do not just play-attack only. Look at his eyes a "calling" and a seductive smile. Take control of yourself when sitting side by side in bed and she does not accidentally touch your knees and pretend to look away when you look at him. The ability to control yourself in bed will make a couple more excited and even your wife to lose control. Enjoy everything and believe me, you both must be happy.

4. Too Tired
Most wives somewhat reluctant to say frankly what he wants. Still you can tell by his body language. Do not treat her like a doll, but try to understand what she wants. Feel how he responded to touch you give and give reaction to the body language is demonstrated. When you feel she becomes tense at the touch or caress particular, the possibility of movement of coarse you or your partner easily amused. Well, you touch more softly.

5. Too many Positions
Do not worry, most women have a nature adventure and want to try something new in bed. But if you want to introduce new positions, do it carefully and do not insist. Invite your wife gradually and slowly introduce your fantasy.

6. No Respect
However, women still want to be appreciated. In bed though. Although the wife is always trying to please you, in fact it often makes him feel resentful. So before you call him a cordial greeting, be sure to get him to 'play' together or allow it to reach the pleasure first.

7. Too Set
In other words, you are always concerned with personal desires. Do not regulate, and expect him to obey you for granted. Sex is a fun whole hog without coercion, is not something that makes people become uncomfortable and stressed. Communicate your desires through the sweet words or moving the body gently for position you want. Mode will provide a more pleasant outcome than the way govern or force.

8. Too Focused
Do not just interested in a particular spot. Full woman's body with parts that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. If you are in bed with your partner, ciumilah the neck. More precisely, the place where the shoulder meets the neck, slowly and gently rubbed her back with your fingers, stroked her feet. This will make the wife become "hot" and he will turn around trying to please you in any way.

9. Too Selfish
When you've reached the peak of pleasure, does not mean couples feel the same. Do not forget, she also wants the enjoyment as you feel. When he felt the same pleasure as you feel, he would refuse if asked to make out hard with you. Even if your wife is hard to reach the top, you should at least try to please him.

10. Jump Snoring
It is understandable if you want to go straight to bed after sex game amazing. But this is the worst behaviors that are often carried out by a man against a woman during sex. Try to think of what is felt and needed by your partner after making out. Invite a partner to talk things out before you fly a light into the world of dreams.

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