Bali known as Island Dewata (island God / island Paradise) is one sights best in Indonesia even world. Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Bedugul, Ubud, Ubud, Lovina, etc. are the famous tourist place in Bali. Bali is an island in Indonesia, but it's also one of the provinces of Indonesia. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. Denpasar is the capital of his province, which is located in the south of the island. The majority of Balinese are Hindu. In the world famous Bali as a tourist destination with a unique variety of art-culture results, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists.

The History
Sourdough island Bali estimated came on 3000-2500 BC who migrated from Asia. Remains of stone tools from this period found in the village throttle located on the west of the island. Prehistoric times and ends with the arrival of Hindus from India in 100 BC.

Balinese culture and have a strong influence of Indian culture, the faster the process after the 1st century AD. Name Balidwipa (Island) start found in various inscriptions, including inscriptions Blanjong charter issued by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in 913 AD and mentioning Walidwipa said. It is estimated that around this time that subak irrigation system for rice cultivation started to be developed.

Some religious and cultural traditions also began to develop at that time. Kingdom of Majapahit (1293-1500 AD) a Hindu and centered on the island of Java, had founded the kingdom of subordinates in Bali around 1343 AD It was almost the entire archipelago the Hindu religion, but as the arrival of Islam stands Islamic kingdoms in the archipelago, among other things caused the collapse of Majapahit. Many nobles, priests, artists, and other Hindu community when it was away from the island of Java to Bali.

Europeans who first found the Balinese is Cornelis de Houtman from the Netherlands in 1597, though a Portuguese ship had previously been stranded near the promontory Hill, Jimbaran, in 1585. Dutch East India Company began by conducting its colonization in the soil Bali, but continue to fight until the end of the power that their position in Bali is not as solid as their position in the Java or the Moluccas. Starting from the northern region of Bali, since the 1840s, the Dutch presence has become permanent, which originally made with pit-lamb of the ruler of Bali mutual distrust each other.

Dutch major attack by sea and land against the Sanur area, and followed by the Denpasar area. Bali party who lost in number and weapons not want to experience shame for surrender, thus causing the war to the death or bellows, which involves all the people both men and women including the king.

An estimated 4,000 people died in the incident, although the Netherlands has ordered them to surrender. Furthermore, the Dutch governors who ruled there was little to his influence on this island, so that local control over religion and culture generally does not change.

Japan occupied Bali during World War II, and then a military officer named I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali forming forces 'freedom fighters'. Following the Japanese surrender in the Pacific in August 1945, the Dutch soon returned to Indonesia (including Bali) to re-establish its colonial rule as a state before the war. This was opposed by the opposition forces that Bali is now using Japanese weapons.

On 20 November 1940, fighting broke out Puputan Margarana happened in the village of Marga, Tabanan, Bali middle. Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, a 29-year-old, led his troops from the eastern Bali to take the offensive until the death of Dutch troops are armed to the teeth. All members of the battalion Bali killed everything, and make it as a military resistance Bali last.

In 1946 the Dutch made Bali as one of 13 areas part of the state of Indonesia was proclaimed the new East, which as one of the rival state to the Republic of Indonesia which was proclaimed and headed by Soekarno and Hatta.

Bali was also incorporated into the United States of Indonesia when the Dutch recognized Indonesian independence on December 29, 1949. In 1950, officially Bali left the united with the Dutch and legally became a province of the Republic of Indonesia. Mount Agung eruption occurred in 1963, had shaken the people's economy and caused many of the Balinese transmigration to other areas in Indonesia.

In 1965, along with the failure by the G30S/PKI coup against the national government in Jakarta, in Bali and many other areas there was the extermination of the members and sympathizers of the Communist Party of Indonesia. In Bali, it is estimated more than 100,000 people were killed or missing. Nevertheless, the events in the early days of New Order is up to now have not succeeded disclosed by law.

Terrorist attacks have occurred on October 12, 2002, a bomb attack in the 2002 Bali Kuta Beach tourist area, causing as many as 202 people were killed and 209 others injured. Bali bomb attacks in 2005 also occurred three years later in Kuta and Jimbaran beach. Such events have a wide international coverage because most of the victims were foreign tourists, and caused Bali's tourism industry faces severe challenges in recent years.

Geographic Map
Island of Bali is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands along the width of 153 km and 112 km approximately 3.2 km from the island of Java. Astronomically, Bali is located at 8 ° 25? 23? South latitude and 115 ° 14th? 55? East latitude tropical maked like other parts of Indonesia.

Gunung Agung is the highest point in Bali as high as 3148 m. This volcano last erupted in March 1963. Mount Batur is one of the mountains in Bali. About 30,000 years ago, Mount Batur erupted and produced a terrible disaster on earth. Unlike in the northern, southern Bali is irrigated lowland rivers.

Based on the relief and topography, in the midst of the mountains lies the island of Bali which extends from west to east and between these mountains are a volcanic group of Mount Batur and Mount Agung and the volcanic mountain that was not the Zebra Dove Mountain, Mount Patas, and Gunung Seraya.

The existence of these mountains caused by Geographical Area Bali is divided into 2 (two) are not the same part of North Bali with a narrow lowland and less sloping, and South Bali with a broad lowland and sloping. The slope of the land consists of the island of Bali flat land (0-2%) covering 122,652 ha, the land undulating (2-15%) covering 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) covering 190,486 ha, and land is very steep (> 40% ) covering 132,189 ha. Province of Bali has 4 (four) pieces of the lake which is located in mountainous areas are: Lake Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Lake Batur.

The capital of Bali is Denpasar. Nearby Places Ubud Other important as the art center is located in Gianyar regency, while Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua is a place that became a tourist destination, both tourism and beach resorts. The total area of Bali Province is 5636.66 km2 or 0.29% total area of the Republic of Indonesia. Bali Province is administratively divided into 9 districts, 55 districts and 701 villages / wards.

Bali residents of approximately 4 million people, with the majority 92.3% adoption of Hinduism. Other religions are Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Buddhism. Apart from tourism, the Balinese are also a living from agriculture and fisheries. Some also choose to be an artist. The language used in Bali is Indonesian, Balinese, and English especially for those who work in the tourism sector.

Balinese and Indonesian are the most widespread language use in Bali, Indonesia, and as other people, most of the Balinese people are bilingual or even Trilingual. Although there are several dialects in the language of Bali, the Balinese generally use a form of Balinese language intercourse as an option in communication. Traditionally, the use of various dialects of the language Bali chess set based on the color system in the Hindu Dharma although the implementation of these traditions tend to decrease.

English is the third (and the primary foreign language) for many of the people of Bali, which is influenced by the great needs of the tourism industry. The employees who work at centers in Bali tourist information, often also understand some of the foreign language with adequate competence.

Interesting Places

Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, also a municipality with a lot of beauty and cultural values should be known. To reach the city of Denpasar, the journey takes approximately 20 minutes from Kuta. Holidays in this city you can visit several tourist attractions such as Art and Cultural Center or the Park (where the Bali Art Festival was held), Puputan Renon, Bali Museum, Kumbasari markets and other attractions.

Kuta Beach
Kuta is located in the southern island of Bali, is one of the forerunners of tourism development of Bali. Formerly this place was a fishing village Bali and Indonesia as the development of tourism and Bali in particular, local residents began renting a private house for rent as a place of lodging.

Kuta area has now developed into an icon of tourism Bali or better known as the International city because it is a meeting place of tourists from all over the world and also local tourists. In terms of Kuta facility has complete facilities. Inns or hotels, restaurants, spas and other tourism supporting many can be here too.

Kuta beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend vacation in Kuta. White sand beach was chosen as a place to surf and sport is also very suitable for a place to relax while waiting for the beauty of Kuta beach sunset. Not one of thousands of tourists this beach is always crowded. Other attractions can be enjoyed in such Waterbom Bali Kuta and Bali Slingshot.

Sanur Beach
Sanur beach is one of the attractive beaches on the island of Bali. This beach has a length of 3 kilometers coastal line facing east. Sanur Beach is famous for white beaches are clean and soft. In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that has its own advantages. Compared with the Kuta, Sanur area provides a place to stay is relatively more expensive but quiet. Compared to the Nusa Dua, Sanur offer a slightly cheaper.
Sanur beach area is an alternative for local and foreign tourists who want to avoid the frenzied feel like Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. In this area calm and comfort is our first priority. For those who like to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise) then Sanur is the perfect place.

Like especially in the area of Nusa Dua, Sanur is also the hotels are world class. Here stood Hyatt Sanur Bali, Sanur Beach Hotel, Mercure Resort Sanur Grand Bali Beach is a golf course in the area of his hotel. In addition most of all the star hotels in Sanur certainly have their own beach (private beach) at the back of the hotel. So the world-class life by staying in hotels are expensive fare you can get in the Sanur area.

Kintamani, which is located in Bangli regency, is one of the favorite tourist attractions tourist options both domestic and abroad. Generally, in almost any travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani included in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting the Batu Bulan (Tari Barong), tourist areas or Sukawati, Ubud as a shopping center.

Kintamani offers a fresh atmosphere in the hills surrounding air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, much like air in Bedugul. The main attraction of the area is the view of Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is a mountain that is still an active status and the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. The atmosphere is best when the lunch meal while enjoying the beauty of this mountain lake and the belching smoke friendly.

Interested to know more about Kintamani? Also get in yourself to visit Trunyan village near the lake. But you have to cross by boat to get there by traveling approximately 20 minutes. Interesting and unique is the way the funeral of local residents who would differ from the prevalence in Bali. The corpse was propped on a tree without buried. But the issue is not unique body odor because can neutralize by wood fragrance called incense.

Ubud, which is located in Gianyar regency, offers arts and cultural attractions for visitors. Since the tourism boom in Bali, Ubud area had become centers for development handicrafts in Bali art ranging from wood carvings, gold and silver handicrafts, paintings and other art. Local Balinese cultural life was still maintained strong here.
Not surprisingly, in the Ubud area much used as a place to learn the art of the main foreign tourists. They live here and the day-to-day filled with studying the interaction with the local population.
Desa Mas, Ubud area, known as a center of wood carving producing a dead beat. Almost along the road and the house you will find carved Balinese art gallery in the form. Another case with Celuk village known as gold and silver craftsmen, also a favorite place to get souvenirs.
For accommodation requirements, Ubud offers many choices that offer "private escape" atmosphere away from the crowd with a beautiful hilly landscape. Among Pitamaha resorts, Maya Ubud, Sayan Four Seasons Resort and other international-class hotel is a small example.

Bedugul tourist resort, located in the district of Tabanan, offers a soothing atmosphere of the hills and the beauty of the lake Tamablingan.
Been to Kintamani? This place also offers the atmosphere of the hills with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius plus a beautiful lake.
To enjoy the beauty of the lake here, enough to rent a speed boat around the lake you can. Close to this lake you can also enjoy lunch at local restaurant with Indonesian dishes as well as internationally.
Tired of playing in the lake? Cool yourself again by visiting the Eka Karya Botanical Garden Bedugul as buy souvenirs of strawberry, which is one source of income of local residents.
This Botanical Garden is one of the protected forest that serves as the lungs of air in Bali, so to cover operational and maintenance costs, this area was to comercial.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the favorite tourist destinations on the island of Bali. This tourist attraction famous for the temple Tanah Lot is located separately from the mainland, but still within reach if the low tide without having to use the boat. This temple is one of the main temples in Bali which is known as Sad heaven.
Pura Tanah Lot Beraban located in the village, Tabanan, about 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Kuta.

According to the story, this temple was built in the 16th century by a successful Nirartha Danghyang strengthen Hinduism in Bali. Besides full of historical value, this temple also offers a fascinating charm of the sunset (sunset) and very crowded visited by tourists, especially in the afternoon. The sight that offered similar to that in Uluwatu Temple.

Located at the southern tip of Bali island and led to the Indian Ocean, is a charming tourist attractions. What was interesting to see here is a temple that stands firmly on the rocks that jutted into the sea with a height of about 50 meters. In the late afternoon while enjoying the beautiful sunset, you can watch dance performances of the famous Bali up to foreign countries, Kecak dance.

Not only that, for those of you who love to learn the history, pretending that one is filled to the value of its history. History will be described as follows:

In some sources mentioned, around the year 1489 AD came to the island of Bali a purohita, writers and clergy named Danghyang Dwijendra. Danghyang Dwijendra was a Hindu priest, the birth of Kediri, East Java.

Dwijendra at Danghyang named Danghyang Nirartha walaka. He married a princess of Daha, east Java. At the same place he studied and in-diksa by-law. Nirartha Danghyang endowed with bhiseka kawikon Dwijendra Danghyang name.

Once diksa, Danghyang Dwijendra dharmayatra given the task of carrying out as one of the requirements kawikon. This Dharmayatra be implemented on the island of Bali, with the addition of a very heavy task of arranging in-law of customary and religious life, especially in the island of Bali. If necessary Dharmayatra it can be forwarded to the Sasak and Sumbawa Island.

Danghyang Dwijendra come to the island of Bali, first set foot on the southwestern coastal region of Jembrana for a moment to rest before continuing the journey dharmayatra. This is where Danghyang Dwijendra left pemutik (there is also mention pengutik) with shaft (starch) wood rack. Starch wood shelf life and it turned out to be a tree thrives shelf. Until now the leaves are used as a wood shelf banten completeness in Bali. As a reminder and tribute to him, built a temple named Purancak.

After a dharmayatra the Sasak and Sumbawa Island, Danghyang Dwijendra towards the southern tip of the southwestern island of Bali, which is in arid regions, full of stones called the hills.

After some time living there, he was getting calls from Hyang Creator to get back amoring acintia Parama moksha. This is where Pedanda Ida Rauh recalled Wawu Sakti (icang eling) with Samaya (promise) himself to return to his home. That's why this place is called Cangeling and gradually became Cengiling until now.

Hence, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu ngulati Sakti (find) a place deemed safe and appropriate to do Parama moksha. Therefore deemed ineligible, he moved again to another location. In this place, then built a temple called Pura toadstool. The name was derived from the word ngulati. The temple is located in the village of Pecatu.

As he walked to get a new location deemed eligible for Parama moksha, Ida Rauh Wawu Pedanda Sakti very sad and crying inside her. Why? Because he was not willing to leave this world because the scale has not felt completely swadharmanya, namely the Hindu life together in the Sasak and Sumbawa. In place of this mengangis he then founded a temple called Pura cry (tears of origin of the word). This temple is located in tears Middle Village Banjar Adat Pecatu.

Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti have not found a place that is appropriate for Parama moksha. He then arrived at a place full of big stones. He was just alone. In this place, and erected a temple called Pura Batu Diyi. Also in this place Dwijendra Danghyang feel less safe for Parama moksha. With a fairly exhausting journey of hunger and thirst, he finally arrived in the hills area who always got the hot sun. For the umbrella away, he took a piece of leaf beetles and try to get drinking water sources. After the tour did not find the source of drinking water, Dwijendra Danghyang finally stuck his stick. Amertha water came out. In this place and built a temple called Pura Umbrella with springs used Tirtha means until now.

Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti then moved again to another location, to amuse themselves before carrying out the seconds back to the origin. In this place and built a temple called Pura Selonding located in Banjar Kangin Desa Adat Pecatu. After amusing himself satisfied, Danghyang Dwijendra feel tired. So he was looking for a place to rest. I was so tired to the point that he was quiet (overslept). In this place and built a temple called Pura Parerepan (parerepan means pasirepan, the inn) is located in the village of Pecatu.

Approaching the final seconds to Parama moksha, Dwijendra Danghyang cleanse themselves and mulat sarira first. In this place until now stands a Hindu temple called Pura Pangleburan located in the village of Banjar Adat Pecatu Kauh. After purifying himself, he went on his way to the location of the southwestern tip of Bali. This place consists of the cliff rocks. If the note from below sea level, looking at each other joins, shaped head perched on the cliff rocks, with a height of between 50-100 meters from the sea surface. Thus called Uluwatu. Ulu Watu meanS head and stone.

Before Danghyang Dwijendra Parama moksha, he called the boat owners who had brought it from Sumbawa to Bali. Boat skipper named Ki Pacek Nambangan Boat. The Pandita for help to skipper a boat carrying clothes and his staff to his fourth wife in pasraman Griya Sakti Mas on Banjar Pule, Mas village, Ubud, Gianyar. Clothing was a green silk robe and a wooden stick young. After Ki Pacek Nambangan pasraman boat headed in Danghyang Dwijendra Mas, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti immediately to a large rock pile east of stone relics of the former Royal temple of Sri Wira Dalem Kesari. On top of that rock, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu yoga Sakti mengranasika, like the keris off so urangka, disappeared without a trace, Amoring Acintia Parama Moksha.

Also at Uluwatu beach area with large waves is very challenging to surf sports lovers. Each year the international event berlevel always held on the beach this around Uluwatu.

Pura Besakih
Pura Besakih, the largest temple in Bali, located in the eastern part of Bali, exactly in Karangasem regency. This temple stands firmly at the foot of Mount Agung and a ceremony held each is always packed with people from all over Indonesia hindu

Besakih complex consists of 18 Pura Pura and 1 Utama. Pura Besakih is the center of the entire temple in Bali. Among all pretend that included the Besakih complex, Penataran Great was the largest temple, the most pelinggihnya buildings, most of upakaranya and is the center and all existing temples in Besakih. In the Great Penataran there are 3 main statue Tri Murti Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who is the symbol of God the Creator, Preserver and god god smelters.

On the way to Ubud or Kintamani, after passing Sanur, we will arrive at Batubulan. In this area, as well as Mumbai, there are many shops and handicraft arts. But this time we are to Batubulan not to shop, but see the famous Barong dance it.

Barong Ket or Barong Barong dance Keket is the most numerous in Bali and most often performed and has pebendaharaan complete dance. Of his form, Barong Ket is a combination of lion, tiger, cow or Boma. Barong Agency is decorated with carvings made of leather, affixed to a gleaming glass and mirrors made of fur perasok (fiber from leaves of similar kind of pandanus plants), fibers or others of the crow-quill.

For Barong dance is carried by two dancers called Saluk Interpreter / Interpreter Bapang, a dancer in the head and the other in the buttocks and tail. Keket Barong is described on the struggle of virtue (dharma) and bad (adharma) which is a blend that always opposite (rwa bhineda). Barong Ket accompanied by gamelan Semar Pagulingan.

From several sources, some say this dance originates from the Bamboo Curtain country, because it resembles the Chinese Lion Dance dance. But where else would even original, does not matter, because the dance is full of the value of stories and jokes diselingin also fresh.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
This statue is located in Bukit Ungasan - Jimbaran Bali. Bali masterpiece I Nyoman Nuarta. We have developed a cultural park and a tourism landmarks for Bali and Indonesia.

The statue form Vishnu is the Hindu god Patron, riding Garuda bird. Taken from the story "Garuda & empire" where the sense of Bhakti and the Garuda bird sacrifice to save his mother from slavery finally protected by the god Vishnu. The statue was built with a height of 140 meters, is projected to bind tat with the distance of up to 20 km which can be seen from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua to Tanah Lot. Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is a symbol of environmental rescue mission and the world.

Jimbaran Bali, a favorite tourist attractions in Bali, offers a variety of attractions such as famous for its seafood (Seafood center) and the night is beautiful Jimbaran beach and romantic. Kedonganan Jimbaran area and is known as fish-producing villages, where most of its citizens living as fishermen. And over time many of the initiative to establish a restaurant / cafe for the preparations of the sea until now.

While enjoying the beautiful night and the breeze gentle waves at Jimbaran beach, you can enjoy the delicious variety of menus from processed sea fish results. The options and plenty of pampering for those of you who would be fond of processed food from the sea. Not only that, Jimbaran tourist area also has complete facilities such as tourist accommodation (Intercontinental, Four Seasons Resort, Villa Karma and etc), A restaurant with a menu of local and international cuisine, spas, shopping and other facilities.

Legian and Seminyak
In addition to the area of Kuta and Legian, Seminyak area is also experiencing very rapid growth. Same with the second place, Seminyak also offers various facilities and tourist attraction complete starting from the shopping, restaurants, hotels or inns, beaches and other attractions. But there is another side that was developed here. In recent years, a variety of nightlife or entertainment centers has been present here to provide entertainment to tourists in Bali. There are names like Kudos Bar and Lounge, Blue Night Club and others. No wonder, if more and more late night, the area is more crowded by the visitors.

For those of you who hobby clubbing, of Seminyak is a must for you. Welcome to Seminyak, Bali's nightlife center!

Tulamben is a village which grew into a tourist attraction because it has the potential of diverse sea. Located in the village of Tulamben, Kubu district, in northern Karangasem about ± 25 km from City Amlapura, 37 km from Candidasa attractions, and about 82 km from Denpasar City.

Access to convenient location because it was on the edge of the highway department Amlapura - Singaraja. Tulamben later developed into a tourist area that includes 2 sub-districts, namely the village of Tulamben in Kubu district; Datah Village, Labasari Village, Village Culik, Purwakerti village, and village in the district Bunutan Abang.

Tulamben main attraction is the natural potential of the exotic underwater for diving and snorkeling activities because of the clear water conditions throughout the year and the current calm. At a depth of 30 meters below the sea there is the framework of the ship "U.S. Liberty", an American merchant ship sunk by a submarine torpedo hit Japan on January 11, 1942 when the voyage across the straits of Lombok. Diving in the deep shipwrecks of Liberty is the best reason for the divers who come to Tulamben. It is estimated there are about 400 species of reef fish inhabit these shipwrecks and visited about 100 species of sea fish (pelagic).

This place is also called the reef paradise full of surprises for marine animals that appear, such as the type of ribbon eel, mimic octopus, boxer crabs, ghost pipefish, seahorse, leaf fish, garden eel, lion fish, harlequin shrimp, and other types of unusual, too found here. While a large collection of jack fish whose numbers up to hundreds tail always enliven this shipwreck, and they are very friendly to divers.

Candi Dasa
Candidasa is a major destination of tourists who come to the Karangasem, located in the region Bugbug, Karangasem district. Known as a replica Candidasa Kuta beach because of the same - each has a white sand. It is suitable for water sports like swimming, diving and snorkeling.
The story of one of this tourist object is as follows:

Candidasa is one of the developed tourism area began in 1983. At first, the name Candidasa is the name of a temple, the Temple Candidasa, which located on a small hill and was built in the 12th century AD Has the potential of natural and enchanting beaches with white sand. White sandy beach is actually named the Gulf Kehen, but in its development along the shore establishment of the object and tourist attractions, the Gulf coast Kehen renamed Candidasa tourism region in accordance with the name of an existing temple in the area.

Candidasa is located in the hamlet Samuh, Bugbug village, Karangasem district, located 12 km from City Amlapura and about 45 km from Denpasar City. Natural charm that was developed as a marine tourism object can be selected to perform various activities, such as sun bathing, Canoing, snorekling, fishing, trekking through the hills, and that is not less interesting is the presence of small islands which can be reached by boat fishermen distance ( djoekoengs). small islands are saving potential of panoramic underwater coral reefs and ornamental fish.

One story that became the myth of the existence of a growing Candidasa Temple and is believed by the local community is Hariti Goddess statue located in a niche at the bottom of the cliff of the hill. It is said that Goddess Hariti narrated in the beginning was a yaksa the Buddhist religion, who liked to eat the flesh of children. But after the religious teachings of enlightened Buddha, the Goddess and then repent and turn to protective and loving children.

Goddess statue next Hariti inscribed with the 10 children over her, as a protective feature, compassionate, and also as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Local communities believe that the Goddess Hariti means many mothers have children who can give the gift of fertility and prosperity. Therefore it is much visited place and utilized by the husband - wife who has not endowed descendants to plead with offering prayers offered to Goddess Hariti.

Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Penida is located in Klungkung regency, is an island located in the southeast of Bali which is separated by Badung Strait. Near the island there are also small islands are Pulau Nusa other Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan Island. Nusa Penida waters of the island is famous for such areas are in selamnya Penida Bay, Manta Point, Batu encircled, Batu Lumbung, Batu Abah, Toyapakeh and Malibu Point.

Nusa Penida island can be reached from Sanur, Kusamba and Padang Bay. Nusa Penida is a dry area with chalky soil texture. Most of the residents work as seaweed farmers, fishermen and laborers, and others as a trader. The development of the tourism sector is still dominated in Nusa Lembongan, was on the island of Nusa Penida is still not developed at all, just look snorkeling and diving activities. The main attraction area of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan is a coral reef that is still natural and diverse fish.

Sangeh is the name of a village in the north village. Nutmeg trees covering 14 hectares and is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Nutmeg trees like that are not found elsewhere in Bali and the presence in this Sangeh a mystery. A small temple covered with green moss on the sidelines of the hidden forest of towering nutmeg it. On the back of the temple is a monument in carving statues of Garuda, a mythical bird in the story is told Samudramantana tirta Amrita looking at the bottom of the ocean, and for his services by Bethara Vishnu, was awarded a sip of her, eventually became the vehicle of Garuda Wisnu Bathara faithful.

Another legend tells that the inhabitants of these forests are exhausted soldier ape in battle to kill Ravana. Monkeys fell along with the mountains and forests bungkahan used squeeze the body of Ravana then settled in the woods.

Another story says that a royal princess named Anang Mengwi in love, failed to become engaged, finally fled into nearby woods and became a hermit. On the flight that he was not wearing any garment, so must wear long hair to cover part of her most forbidden. He failed to fulfill his dream and died in mysterious. Local communities believe that the goddess had become Bethari Mayangsari.

Art Market Sukowati
Want to know where the shopping souvenirs during this? Perhaps you've been there. Especially if not Sukawati Art Market. With travel approximately 1 hour from Kuta, you will arrive at this art market that offers a variety of art with prices much cheaper than other places. Maybe a way as "Malioboro" in Bali.

Scented handicrafts Bali lots sold here. Patterned shirts began Bali, sheets, photo frames, purses and items of daily needs of the other lots sold here. Interestingly, for the bargain hobby, your skills can be applied.

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