10 The Body Part of Women Who Want Touched

We all know that a woman's body parts most often explored by man, where only around the vagina, chest and buttocks. Most nerve endings are located in this section, but women have the pleasure sensors in all parts of the body. To make your wife might be excited by stimulating parts of your body that often ignore. By doing this at the touch when making love or just make him happy after a busy day, will give a special plus for you. David Strovny from AskMen will explain the body parts were everywhere.

1. Hair
Keeping the hair still gorgeous, is not the only reason why women so often go to the salon. The process of washing, cutting, coloring and styling can be a release of stress for women. With stroking her hair is a great way to provide stimulation to the spinal cord. Perform massage play with your fingers from the forehead to the nape of his neck, then he will submit in your hands.

2. Back of the Neck
Once you get to the back of his neck, gave some soft kisses in this section. In the long life of  Japan, the back of the neck of the woman has always been attractive to men because it is one of the few body parts not covered by clothing. In these modern times, this part is often ignored, but never underestimate the power of touch and gentle kiss from the base of the hair to his shoulders.

3. Collarbone
Clavicle bone located between the shoulder and the chest is, can look so sexy on women. Why not show your admiration for this section to touch and kiss her? Look carefully at this section when he was still fully clothed. Open a few buttons on his shirt was enough to reveal his collarbone and not more than that. You can always come back to this section in when the clothes were gone, as well as to remind him that all the action starts from this section.

4. A Small Portion Back
The best way to guide her through the crowd you is to put your hand on a small portion back. This will show your protective attitude but not too pushy like to hug her shoulder. When you two are alone, with kissing and licking the spine and then ends with a kiss on his back a small part will make her heart pounding.

5. Rear Knee
This section is one who does not think of a man when he was stimulating her. But the fact is quite sensitive parts. Gently rub the back of the knee under her skirt will make it soon be ready to welcome the next action.

6. Palms
People often use their hands as a means to please her partner, but seldom realize the potential of stimulating the pleasure if your own hands. By exploring the palm of his hand with your finger will give him a pleasant vibration and make you look sensitive and caring.

7. Earlobe
Touching, kissing and even a soft bite on the ear lobe will be your wife for her own pleasure. Lobe is so soft it is very sensitive and most women enjoy it when there lips to stimulate her man in this section. You can stimulate the other points in the outer ear of another, but not to clog the ear hole with your tongue.

8. Feet
Massage on the feet can cause the sensation of its own. Not many better ways to make him relax, in addition to massage her feet. Especially if your wife has been working all day. Do it properly and use the oil for massage. Do not forget to pay attention to the part of the finger, wrist and leg sides. Some women like her toes kissed by him, but some who thought it disgusting. So first ask him, before entering that part into your mouth.

9. The Inside of the Thigh
By touching the inner thigh without involving the surrounding vaginal stimulation will be perfect for him. Use your hands and mouth to caress and kiss her inner thigh. Every now and then approached the main pleasures, but do not forget to get away ..

10. The Pelvis
Focus on the hip is a good idea, but most will remain resistant to go directly to the vagina when you've very close. Like stimulate inner thigh, with the kissing around the pelvis to stimulate her and made her back sensation. Make long will ask at any time by shifting the focus to other parts of the body.

Don't go there
Every inch of her body always covered with lots of nerve endings can be stimulated, but it does not mean he does not have a place that should not be touched. Some women can not stand it when his face is touched, while others feel uncomfortable if his being tickled. If you have to explore, you'll know the place where the best results to the touch and which ones to avoid.

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