Industrial world continues to grow dynamically and which was so tight competition to further improve the awareness of the importance of business of a brand. Brand is a very valuable asset called goodwill and was on the balance sheet. Also the brand that will provide future revenue.

Is it true a Brand?
Understanding the brand by David A. Aaker is the name and or distinctive symbols (such as a logo, brand or packaging) in order to identify the goods or services from a vendor or a particular vendor group. Thus a brand to distinguish them from goods and services produced by competitors. Meanwhile, according to William J. Stanton is the name brand, term, symbol, or special design elements or some combination of these elements are designed to identify the goods or services offered by the seller. Thus, it can be concluded that the brand has two elements, namely  brand name consisting of letters or words that can be read, and Brand-shaped mark containing symbol. Brand of companies promise to consistently provide features, benefits, and certain services to the buyer. Brand is more than just a guarantee of quality because it included the following six terms.
  1. Product attributes, such as quality, prestige, resale value of design, and others. Mercedes says something expensive, products made with good, good design, durable, highly prestigious and so on.
  2. Benefits. While a brand with a number of attributes consumers actually buy the benefits of these products. In this case the brand attributes needed to be translated into functional benefits or emotional benefits. As an illustration, the attribute "expensive" tend to be translated as emotional benefits, so people who drive a Mercedes will feel themselves considered important and appreciated.
  3. Value. Brand also said something about the value of the manufacturer. Mercedes says the high-performance products, safe, prestigious, and so on. Thus  Mercedes producers also received high marks in the eyes of society.
  4. Culture. Brand also reflect a certain culture. Mercedes represents German culture is organized, consistent, high level of seriousness, efficient, and high quality.
  5. Personality. Brand also reflects a certain personality. Often a specific product using the well-known personalities to boost or sustain brand products.
  6. Users. Brand shows of consumers who buy or use these products. Users generally  Mercedes associated with the rich, the top managers, and so on. User Dimension Kiddies of course is the children.
So, brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or combination of them, which aimed to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate from competitors. Some of the brands include brand names, brand marks, trademarks, and copyright. Brand name is part of the brand where part of the brand that can be mentioned or spelled. Brand mark is part of a brand that can not be spelled or mentioned, as a symbol, design or color or a different letter. Trademarks are the brand or the brand given to protect-namely legally protect the seller to use the exclusive right to use the brand name or brand mark. Copyright is the exclusive legal rights granted to reproduce, publish, and sell everything that shaped the book, musical or artistic work.

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  1. How to create Brand Image? It is very expensive. If you have it, pls maintenace for long term.

  2. Wow..yes i know create brand image is very expensive but I can't do this Aunt,I'm sorry.