Should Your Wife to Work?

Lots of men who objected when his wife worked. The reason for this can vary. Often the reason that it is "acceptable", but often it is psychological reasons that are often difficult to be accepted by common sense. This paper is more devoted to men (especially young couples), although it's okay if the woman also read. My question to you - the husband - that is if you were one of husbands who object to your wife work? If yes, whether the reason you are accepted by common sense? Or whether your reasons are psychological? Or worse, if the reason you are impressed ridiculous?

I do not know what's on your mind - the husband. This paper is not made to offend me your reasons, but rather to what pros and cons if your wife works. I'll try to be neutral here. The first advantage of increased revenue is clear, that with your wife to work, income in your family will certainly increase. For many other families, many working wives also contributed to the pay family expenses. Perhaps the husband to cover 50%, the wife is also 50%. But many wifes (work) the other, who did not come to cover family expenses.

That is, money is money the husband and wife, but instead the money was not the wife and the husband's money belongs to his own wife. But for many families, the reason to work from his wife may have been the wife was not feeling constantly 'rationed' of the husband, so she felt more free when the "pocket money" comes from their own income because he worked.

What Actually Happened?
Let us go back to the basics in a family. The nature of God to men who remained there from the past until now, is the women who are pregnant, while men are out for a living. When not married, may be the man and the woman are both working. Then followed with marriage. When the wife pregnant, then when the wife's previous work, the wife usually will ask to stop or leave of absence from work. After giving birth and the age of the child has reached a few months or years - where the child can be left behind - often arise from the wife's dilemma whether he should return to work or not. Reasons for returning to work is mixed. Maybe the wife will miss noisy atmosphere in the office. Perhaps he also wanted to find activities outside the home that can be done every day. Or maybe he wants to find a new atmosphere that could refresh her after caring for a child a few months or several years.

However, the desire to return to work occasionally emerged from the economic reasons. Two incomes may be considered better than one income. Now, families have only one income alone will usually have a number of  cost of  living is smaller than if the families have two incomes. The money saved can usually smaller. This makes sense: the greater the income, usually the greater the cost of  his life. But the profits, with only one person working, the other party (usually the wife) could stay home to watch his children grow up.

Families with two incomes - of course - will have a number of larger incomes. But the consequences will be many new things to think about old people, such as a sitter problems or other issues that will often arise due to leave the kids at home, so here, the cost of  living will usually be greater. Husband and wife must have had a number of reasons for preferring to have two incomes instead of one income.

But one thing to realize is whether with the same work will answer the financial problems that arise? When you're thinking to answer whether you both need to have two incomes or not, focus your attention to answering questions about how much will you earn both a net after deducting the cost of living and saving your family routine. After that, see if the amount is satisfactory or not.

Then look again at whether the amount is proportional to the things that non-sacrificial material, such as lost time with children, the ease of caring for children (both of you no longer need to have a nanny), and so on and so forth. In order to determine whether the two of you need to work together or not, let us see it from two factors, ie economic factors and non-economic factors.

Economic Factors
Considering the economic factor, if both of your work, then there are components that will be living cost has increased drastically, and there are also components of the new cost of  living that will arise, than if you both have only one income.

1. Child care. Obviously, if both of you work outside, you certainly do not want to leave your child alone at home. You need a babysitter, and you have to pay their salaries every month. Little big salary depends on where you live. If you live in big town, the salary you pay, of course, would be greater than if you live outside town that have living cost lower.

2. Entertainment and children's toys. With children who are alone without you at home (except with caregiver), you have to give it more fun and buy him toys that he had tired of his solitude. Eat out. With a little more time to cook, you both will also be more frequent eating out, whether it was day or night, with or without children. The existence of domestic servants can not always be the standard that you will more often eat at home with your child when the night. In a sense, with the two of you work, you will more often eat out than if one of you live in the house. Especially at lunchtime. And eating out, of course, more expensive than if you shop alone, cooking and eating at home.

3. Transportation back and forth from home to work. If it was just the husband that the cost of transportation, now with the wife who also worked, the wife must also transportation costs.

4. Other matters related to employment. The wife also must spend money to buy new work clothes, and other matters related to his work. Do not ever underestimate your costs mentioned above. Before the wife took the decision to work or not, try to calculate these costs carefully on paper, and compare it with when the wife stays at home.

The Key to Determine What You Need Both of  Work or Not
In terms of economics, there is one key to determining whether your wife should both work or not. Write down all the family income at the moment, and then subtract the amount of family expenditures. Then compare the income and expenditure is now if your wife also works. Then, compare the rest.

1. If for example, after the count, the rest of your money to work together is greater than if only one person is working, then - from the point of economy - would be better if both of your work.

2. But if that happens the opposite, where the rest of your money to work both smaller than if only one person is working, then - from the point of economy - would be better if just one person from you both are working.

Non Economic Factors
Sometimes, the decision to have two incomes are not always based on economic reasons. In Indonesia and in many other countries, the family living cost is usually borne by the men - in this case the husband. This makes her partner - his wife - came a desire to work with not basing on the need to get the material, but - perhaps - to fill the time, for pleasure, or other things outside economic factors. If so, fine. Maybe the wife's job gives him inner satisfaction. Maybe it makes the job of your wife's intellect unearthed. Maybe your wife working just to socialize, to fill the time, or because the job was very enjoyable. If indeed these reasons that appear, it could have come second economic factors.

Work no Child Left
If the husband works and the wife does not work when he wants to also work without leaving the child, try to work at home. Today, many businesses that can be run from home. Do not worry that people who work at home can not earn a living for people who work outside the home. Any type of business can provide great income, even though the business was run from home though.

For husbands who have been okay if your wife works, think again what your mind is the reason. Consider these reasons in terms of economic and non economic. If that's the reason you are non-economic, think again whether these reasons are acceptable to common sense or not.

If it's non-economic reasons that it is acceptable to common sense, maybe it's your wife should not work. But if non-economic reasons for the "difficult" reasonable or even seem ridiculous, then think again why you are. Advice to you husbands : consider your reasons objectively, and give the best decision for your wife.

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