Save Our Earth with Saves Energy

No need to join a Greenpeace activist or whatever it was for being a lover of the environment. In the increasingly frenzied global warming, rampant pollution, erratic weather like today, it should every person be environmentalists. How? Easy. Here are 10 tips LiveScience provide protects Earth from destruction. All are simple ways that we can start from today. Whatever it?

1. Use a Fluorescent Lights (CFL)
These lamps are more expensive than ordinary light bulb. But durability 10 times longer and certainly more energy efficient. This is not an ad. Studies prove if the CFL light energy absorbed 75 percent less than  nola bright yellow light used. Within a year CFL can reduce carbon dioxide production up to 500 pounds. This is equivalent to the pollution produced 17 cars on the road for one year !

2. Saving Electricity at Home
The classic adage never outdated. That old adage is becoming increasingly required realizations, not just theory. Turn off the lights in the daytime. Turn off the AC when the room was occupied. Just so you know the average home produces greenhouse gas emissions twice produced a car. So do not remove the black smoke from the exhaust of your car and you already feel as environmental hero.

3. Do not Use Plastic
Avoid the use of plastic. Plastic bags are widely used traditional supermarkets and groceries in a pack. Be worthwhile to bring a cloth or paper bags from the house itself with a subtle and refuse plastic bags from the seller. Why? Plastic material that can not self-destruct in the garbage disposal. Some ingredients in these substances actually damage the soil biological fertility.

4. Maximize the Use of Computers
Indeed in this era now very few people send letters by post. But make no mistake, there are many private offices and who prefer to save documents or letters traditionally, ie, with printed on paper. There are some securities that do not bias replaced with electronic mail. However, during a document can be stored electronically on a computer, try to do it. Just so you know, our paper has been successfully used by companies denude forests of paper have been felling the trees as the basic material.

5. Buy  Local Products
Stop buying imported food products. By taking what is near us, so we played a role in reducing pollution and energy waste. Why should import beef from Australia if the local cows is not less delicious. Imagine how much energy and pollution generated spent than just bringing European sausage or Dutch cheese to your table. For information, wine from Napa Valley had to navigate the 2.143 miles distance in order to be in Chicago supermarket.

6. Practice Principle of  3R
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce consumption, reuse waste materials that can still be used, and recycling certain materials. Said it was easy, but not run it. Only once started, we'll get used to.

7. Gently Remove Nonrenewable Energy
Kinda hard to do if not supported by the availability of products and infrastructure. But that does not mean impossible. If there is a choice which we enjoyed be used to electric light sources wind or sun, why not? Cleaner and more energy efficient.

8. Kill the Electric Vacuum Products
Without realizing it, we are continuously buying and using products which wasting energy. Television (TV) is one of them. Unconsciously a family often turn on the TV non-stop 24 hours, although not seen. So did the computer, DVD player and cell phone charger that kept connected to the outlet.

9. Reduce the Use of Chemicals
Chemicals are not natural materials. Like other artificial materials, this material can not dissolve itself and leave the bad effects on life. Pesticides, mosquito coils and some cleaning materials contain various chemical components that participate unconsciously we breathe our lifetime. Even the vegetable and fruit food, too, brought him into our bodies. The fix? Maximize the consumption of natural ingredients, including organic vegetables.

10. Green Your Home !
Many of us who claim to love nature, love of greening, but the fact is almost never planted anything in his yard. Okay if you do not have a home page. At least you try to give an opportunity for plants to live around. Hanging hydroponic plants, or enough help for you who live in apartments, flats or boarding houses.

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