Having a sweetheart who we love is very pleasant to live. During courtship there would be a variety of problems that come and go. If you managed to go through it all, then your success is to marry him / her. Below are a few things you need to do to keep your relationship fun and smooth with a sweetheart to marry  him / her beloved thus :

1. The Intensive Communication
With the advanced technology you can often call and send message to him with a fresh chatter and not boring. Try the call he could every night with cheap rate so you can linger talking to both. If your sweetheart is feeling comfortable and good communication called then you do in good condition. Avoid asking the same thing over and over again and can make your partner bored answer. If you have something interesting and new, please deliver. In addition to the evening, the do not disturb him too long. Enough with the phone for a while and some fresh message. Do not push to communicate when things are not possible. Especially now have many sites friendship such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and etc, which would more strengthen the relationship becomes more intimate.

2. Give More Attention
Treat him the different and better than anyone else. When he repeated the year or particular events and also congratulate you can give a gift. Make as if he was a very special and you do not want to lose him / her. If your sweetheart is a problem, please help at least by listening to vent and help to provide solutions.

3. The Expression Love Sincere and Naturally
Do not give over-expression of crap that does not match reality. Express your love is not reasonably sufficient artificial aka force. Create your expression of love variations with various methods and ways to avoid monotony.

4. Learn the Characteristic and Behavior
Observe and learn what he likes and what he disliked. If you already know, do not do the things he did not like and do what he likes as long as not violating the rule of law, norms and religion and does not charge you. Avoid sexual relations outside of marriage to avoid the thorny issues that can arise. Reject well invitations dangerous, because he was not necessarily going to marry you.

5. Do not Stingy and Materialistic
When he was gone two if possible give dating expenses such as eating together, watching, shopping, snack, transportation, etc. Never wants to be paid without the slightest sacrifice your money to people you care about. But if one is already working and the other does not work, paid for is something that is reasonable.

6. Clarify Future Relations
The commitment to marry is something important and to be agreed to show that you and your partner love each other. Such commitment can be expressed at the beginning and after long contact. The clearer your relationship with yours, the stronger your bond with the him. Moreover if the family of both parties already know and bless it. Pray to God that someday you happy with your partner.

7. Good Family Relationships
Keep good relations with the family members he was not to cause problems and a negative image. If there is a problem between ourselves soon finish with your partner. Marriage is not only the union of a man with a woman, but also marry his family.

8. Be Honest and Yourself
Be as yourself and not imitate scenes soap operas, novels, films, and so on. Without pretending to be someone who is perfect, we will feel free off without the burden of going all your love. Try not to lie to your lover and tell what they are in accordance with the actual situation. Once lie then you should create another lie to cover it. If you have been married it would be wonderful if each honest no lies between you and him.

9. Keeping Emotions
Do not respond to emotion with emotion. Use a high patience to quell the anger him. Express you do not like it when he's angry blind. If the he made a mistake or a lie was not to your emotional outburst. Stay calm and use common sense in living a problem. Speak well and gentle, but firm in dealing with something as emotional sometimes its just temporary. Emotions are very dangerous clashing in maintaining a relationship breakup to avoid.

10. Resolve Existing Problems Immediately
Do not procrastinate to find the solution of problems arising. If it be floating too long then maybe the he will turn away from you and the other affair. As far as possible the relationship can be re-tender as usual after the problem solved.

11. Always Faithful
It is very important is to maintain confidence in to yours. If you get caught going out again with another person's heart so he'll broken if known. Never love your timing, because it is very dangerous to your relationship with your sweetheart.

12. Balanced / None Domination
Do not let the relationship become less comfortable to walk because of the one considered or consider themselves more mature, smarter, richer, and so on. Make yourself with her balance each other without distinction. State of balance between men and women as friends would be wonderful than that one should always obey the will of one party continued as assistant.

13. Perform The Things that Exciting
Something that makes you both happy to not have a high-priced. Maybe by shopping with the shopping center, ride motorcycles together or sitting together on a park bench can be fun for free on both sides. Enjoy the days you are courting a beautiful so as not to regret later when they got married.

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