Juice and  Fruits for  Healthy Skin

It's no secret, if you consume a glass of juice can help a person to maintain body weight. Drinking a glass of juice can block some diseases. Really? Not only that, sipping a glass of juice can give bonuses to skin health. Digestive tract of food in your intestines can also go more smoothly. Like that was launched from Carefair, a glass of juice extract derived from vegetables and fruits. Maybe if you want more practical, you can buy a variety of variants of taste juice in leading supermarkets. But in fact, the nutritional benefits of canned juice is doubtful.

What's the difference? Clearly a lot. Fruit juice or vegetable juice is sold in local supermarkets contain many preservatives. Content of juice in it also added an artificial sweetener as well as variants that do not taste natural. Although some leading brands to promote their products contain no artificial sweeteners and guarantee the freshness, the juice production process allows took vitamins and nutrients in the juice.

Options to make their own juice at home you can apply. Instead of using a juicer that can get fiber from fruits and vegetables, better use the blender. With a juicer, you only get the juice. But when using a blender, fiber is still left in the juice. So you can still eat fiber in it. Fiber is the healthiest part of the vegetables and fruits.

Benefits of A Glass of Juice for Healthy Skin

It have found no direct facts about the relationship juice with skin beauty. Juice consumption can help the body to cleanse toxins inherent in each organ. In the process, the skin will look healthier and smooth. Some people who Carefair launched a review of a glass of juice and its relationship to skin health. On average they claimed since routine juice daily, his skin looks more glowing. Both their eyes were glistening.

Sipping a glass of juice was tantamount to giving supplies of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for skin health. By taking a glass of your routine can also fall out toxins in the kidneys and liver. Carrot and apple combination is very good if taken every day. Or if no time for breakfast, you can make juice from banana, melon and honey in a dish.

Fruit and Vegetables for  Healthy  Skin

Perhaps you've often read that some types of fruit and vegetables are good for health, especially for the freshness of our skin. No wonder so many masks are generally made from local fruit and fruit that comes from abroad. Not only the fruit, it appeared that some other food is also good for the freshness of the facial skin. Besides food, can also be a mask.

Some fruits and foods that are worthy of your attention and use:
  •  Papaya, fruit is very good as a natural eksfoliator. Papin enzymes contained in it helps the skin to repair itself and slough off dead skin cells.
  • Carrots, red vegetables is a source of beta-carotene and vitamins C and E that are needed skin. We recommend that you frequently consume these carrots.
  •  Strowberry, this fruit contains a substance that can clean and tighten the skin, if used as a natural mask. Especially for those who have oily skin.
  • Cucumber, this fruit is very refreshing for oily skin and acne. Brush slice of cucumber on the skin has been cleaned. Therefore many toner that uses cucumber extract.
  • Aloe Vera leaf is excellent for moisturizing your skin. Moreover, it can cure the burning skin and itching due to irritation. Gel contained in aloe vera leaves can direct you to use.
  • Yogurt, serves as the basic material that can bind other materials used as a natural facial mask, such as spices and oil.
  • Green Tea, in addition to preventing cancer, green tea can keep the skin smooth and protect it from harmful UV rays.

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  1. Agree with this article. Fruit actualy good for skin care. For example Mustika Ratu Company produced Papaya enzym body polish,tomato mask and herbal lime tea (Holistic care in/out side)