Pakubuwono X Proposed a National Hero

Sampeyan Ndalem Ingkang Sinuhun Kanjeng  Susuhunan (SISKS) Pakubuwono X was born in Surakarta. His real name was Raden Mas Malikul Kusno, son of Pakubuwono IX born empress  Raden Ayu Kustiyah, on November 29, 1866. That said, the story of his birth into a mirror disharmony between his father's relationship with the poet Ranggawarsita. Narrated, when Ayu Kustiyah pregnant, Pakubuwono IX later asked whether his son was born male or female. Ranggawarsita answer will be born later hayu. Pakubuwono IX disappointed thought his son would be born beautiful aliases female. And he hoped to get to the crown prince of Ayu Kustiyah. For months Pakubuwono IX undergo initiation of fasting or hoped his son was not born a woman. Finally, Ayu Kustiyah delivery Malikul Kusno. Pakubuwono IX with proudly accusing Ranggawarsita forecasts is missed.

Ranggawarsita explained hayu that the term does not mean ayu, or "beautiful", but abbreviation rahayu, which means "selamat or happy". Ranggawarsita hear this, Pakubuwono IX was tricked, because for months he was forced to undergo severe fasting.

Disharmony relationship with Ranggawarsita Pakubuwono IX was triggered by the Dutch, who slanders deliberately pitting offspring  Pakubuwono VI with Yasadipuran's family. Malikul Kusno ascended the throne as Pakubuwono X on March 30, 1893 succeeded his father who died two weeks earlier. His reign was marked with pomp and tradition of the political situation was stable kingdom, in addition, also a new chapter marker for Kasunanan Surakarta from traditional kingdoms to the of modern era.Pakubuwono  X married to Queen Hemas (daughter of King Hamengkubuwono VII) and has one daughter named GKR Pembajoen.

Despite the political pressure is in the Dutch East Indies colonial government, but through its cultural symbols Pakubuwono X still able to maintain the royal authority. Pakubuwono X itself also supports the (Syarekat Islam) SI organization Solo branch, who was then one of the Indonesian national movement organizations.

Pakubuwono X died on February 1, 1939. He has been called  Sunan Panutup or the last Surakarta king for his people. His government was replaced by his son the title Pakubuwono XI.

Pakubuwono  X,  Forgotten Soekarno's  Donor

PB X recently awarded the Bintang Mahaputra Adi Pradana by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. PB X is a figure from Solo, also suggested a national hero degree other than Soeharto of narrative relative Kasunanan Surakarta Palace, the figure of PB X is a major donor of Indonesia's independence struggle. He mentioned a moment Soekarno funders and gather strength while in exile by the Dutch.

According Pangageng Sasana Wilapa Kasunanan Keraton Surakarta, Kanjeng Gusti Ratu (GKR) Wandansari or often addressed Gusti Moeng, PB X is a great king of Surakarta very concerned about the suffering of the nation. However, she said, the ink of history has been forgotten.

PB X heroic side of the palace of according to relatives occurred when he bold action by allowing sang  the national anthem Indonesia Raya, and unfurled the flag of red and white in Surakarta although the Dutch government in full control at the time. "As a result, the Governor General De Fock called PB X to Batavia in order to account for these events, "she said.

Keraton Surakarta, he added, also participates actively in the formation of BPUPKI until it turned into PPKI. Similarly, the movement of funds made Sukarno. "All members of the palace BPUPKI it all. When Bung Karno fight, which helped fund the movement. This is real history and what it is, "her add.

Related title national hero for PB X, the family court to appreciate the proposal, including awards from the President SBY. "Today I will cross check to the Social Department, and the country secretariat related to this. Though I believe that grandparents do not need a PB X is called a national hero. But it is necessary for streamlining the nation's history, "she explained.

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