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Why advertisers, brand owners or business owners are reluctant to advertise. Even not only that, they are reluctant to explore the possibility of brand communications. They only believe in sales and not to marketing.  Theodore Levitt, college teacher who has taught at the Department of Business Administration at Harvard Business School with a right to explain the difference between sales and marketing. "Sales, sell centered on the needs of traders and the exchange needs to be a cash product (product to cash). Marketing, centered on the needs of buyers and the need to give satisfaction to customers  through the creation of products.  In other words jobs  "Salesman"  influencing customers to buy what has been produced by company. "A marketing"  job is to influence the company to produce what customers want or users. Both are concerned with the customer, but at the time of "Salesman" talk, "A marketing" to hear.

In a company that has a true understanding of marketing, marketing plays the lead and supervise the entire performance, which play to run the company providing the activity products  are really needed by the customer to marketing team. That's why after the product is created, the customer should be aware that a brand is already present to meet their needs. Reluctance to communicate or laziness communicate the same brand to deny the existence of products which we produce.

Let's take a simple listing of how marketing is important at this time. After market research proved that customers require new products that can solve customer problems, and the level of demand for these products is very high, urgent and necessary in a mass, then the producers will rush to create it. Products that have been made clear should be communicated back to the customer. They should be reminded that what they need are available, sold at what price, are sold everywhere, packaging or packaged what like.

Whatever the means used in communicating, should not be complicated and circuitous, communication must be simple and persuasive language. Ads are one way of communicating the brand in a timely, targeted and mass. This type of communication in the context of interpersonal communication which is not likely that the power of interactive advertising material is absolutely necessary to attract  the audience needs.

Ad is in the direction of communication toward audiences in a passive position. That's why advertising should be creative and entertaining show for making persuasion and building an audience memorability of advertising messages and advertising was brandyang.  Cessation of communication activities will lead to a brand new or old has the potential difficulties in growing (including building and maintaining sales), because one of the keys to building and maintaining a sales do warning and persuasion to a consistent brand in the audience.

Advertising persuasion abilities that are transmitted through the media is not independent of  the existence of a recognized media have a strong persuasive effect. Media persuasion effect coupled with the power of an advertising message can cause a positive change in attitude toward the brand audience. The marketer or marketing team is very aware that the customer is  the audience atu invited parties to communicate and advertising is the way that communication  is very strong resonance today.  A wave of brand competition has encouraged tighter marketers creating ads that are more attractive.

Doubts advertising is not free from doubt advertisers on advertising effects,  particularly on sales that will arise due to the ad. The seller or brand owners  who do not believe in marketing will be very difficult to trust the ads as well as driving sales, because that's the exciting promotional offer of cooperation from the media owners are not properly ignored.

Advertisements in various media recognized an important role in driving and growing sales, especially by the brand of fast moving category of consumer goods, namely goods sales level is very fast and cheap. These goods will only give a significant advantage when it regularly sold in large quantities. The players in this category are trust ad in encouraging listeners to buy their products regularly and in large numbers.

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