Hazard Waste Plastics for Environment and Health

One of the factors that cause environmental damage is a factor of plastic waste disposal. Plastic bags of garbage has become a dangerous and difficult to manage. It can take tens and even hundreds of years to make the former garbage bags break down completely. But the problem is the negative impact of plastic waste were functioning well.

So if you know what the dangers caused by plastic bags for the environment?
It took 1000 years for plastic to break down the soil decomposed or broken down completely. This is a very long time. When broken down, the plastic particles will contaminate soil and groundwater.
When burned, plastic garbage will produce toxic fumes which are hazardous to health if not perfect burning process, the plastic will break down in the air as dioxins. This compound is very dangerous when inhaled human. The impact of other triggers for cancer, hepatitis, inflammation of the liver, nervous system disorders and trigger depression.Plastic bags also cause flooding, because the clogging of water channels, embankments. Resulting in even the worst flood damage to the turbine reservoirs.

Estimated, 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags used in the world each year. If this waste is spread, it's can wrap the earth's surface by at least 10 times! Try to imagine so fantastic plastic waste which is too piled on the earth. And do you know? Each year, approximately 500 billion - 1 triliun plastic bags used around the world. It is estimated that each person spends 170 plastic bags each year (try multiply by the number of people your town!). More than 17 billion plastic bags distributed free of charge by the supermarkets around the world each year. Plastic bags began to bloom in use since the entry of supermarkets in big cities.

Plastic garbage can cause climate change?
Since the production process to the point disposal, waste plastics emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Plastic production activities require about 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees each year. Production process is not energy efficient. At this stage land disposal in landfill waste, plastic waste out greenhouse gases.
So, what is the solution to overcome the waste plastic bags?
Various efforts to suppress the use of plastic bags were made by several countries. One of them with campaign efforts to curb global warming. Plastic garbage has become a serious enemy for environmental sustainability. If the former garbage bags left on the ground, he will become a significant pollutant. When burned, the waste will also significantly increase the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

What should we do?
Reduce use of plastic bags and now use cloth bags every time shopping. If you only buy a little groceries input into the bag. Remember the house or someone you know to always carry cloth bags when shopping. Contact supermarkets, malls and bookstores have subscribed you to stop providing plastic bags.

If the household or the smallest community in the environment can not process it, are recycled, the sorting becomes the best small step. Apart from the efforts and these efforts, in my opinion it will personally return belongs to individuals respectively. And the self consciousness that determines whether or not to walk the steps that have been recommended.

As various countries began to prohibit and respond to the dangers of using plastic bags, such as in Kenya and Uganda in fact been officially banned the use of plastic bags. A number of countries began to reduce the use of plastic bags including the Philippines, Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Irish, Scottish, French, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and South Africa. Singapore, since April 2007 held a campaign to "Bring Your Own Bag '(bring your own bags directly), held by the National Environment Agency (NEA). And the Government of China also has issued a draft bill (Bill) overcome a plastic bag. And the reaction has been prepared including the prohibition of the use of plastic bags in the department store. The buyers will be charged a fee for plastic bags and will be enforced standardization of the production of plastic bags.

So remember, do not burn plastic waste because if the garbage was burned in toxic waste will pollute the air, including the air we breathe can make us sick. Do not bury the plastic waste because there is poison in the garbage will sink or seeps into the soil and make the water in the soil will be contaminated as well as the surrounding environment. Do not throw plastic rubbish, because poison is in the garbage can pollute the environment around us, living things and our environment will be damaged and the poison will continue to grow everywhere.

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