20 Secret Healthy Living and Longevity

Below are 20 custom requires only a few minutes of your time and keep you to stay healthy more than a desire that you get from time.

A. Food Factor

1. Opponent breast cancer by eating broccoli sprout

Broccoli buds are a rich source of sulforaphane an antioxidant levels very high. According to research conducted at Johns Hopkins University, sulforaphane could reduce about 60% the number of parasites that developed breast cancer after issued by carcinogens. One ounce per serving or about a half cup of broccoli buds contain at least 73 milligrams of sulforaphane number found in adult broccoli 1-1/4 pounds ripe.

2. Cook with the use of soybean to keep your arteries and heart

You want to reduce cholesterol by 11% in six weeks? Try to always add the soy in your diet. You can even reduce the levels in your blood dialostik within six points in the same week. (Referring to the low diastolic blood pressure occurred in arterisetelah contraction of the heart). The results are in accordance with the statement issued by Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who declared at least 43 women who had been 45 years old to 60 years who consume two tablespoons of soy powder mixed in milk or orange juice or breakfast cereals consumed in every morning. If not, you can consume a cup of soy milk, a cup of tofu, a little soy protein powder , or a handful of roasted soy nuts. Soybean contains a good estrigen to fight cancer or arteriolosclerosis, said the research head of Gregory Burke, MD, from Wake Forest's Department of Public Health Sciences.

3. Eat folic acid to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 75%

We must have heard about the benefits folid against acid and birth defects and even against homocysteine, the main cause of heart disease. Although there are also negative sides as listed in the Harvard Nurses' Health Study who consumed 400 micrograms of folic acid every day for 15 years showed that their cancer risk dropped by 75%. While women who take supplements for more than 10 years tended to have decreased by 20%, as reported by the Annals of Internal Medicine. Currently the average mortality for colon cancer surpassed breast cancer and only a difference of two from lung cancer.

4. Eat blueberries to keep your eyes and arteries

Two-thirds cup of blueberries contains the capacity of 1773 IU of vitamin E (60 times the recommended daily consumption) and 1270 mg of vitamin C (21 times the recommended daily consumption). Antioxidants anthocyanins not only gives color to blueberries, but also prevent blood clots that cause heart attacks, said Mary Ann Lila Smith, Ph.D, a professor vitro technology at the University of Illinois. His research shows that blueberries may improve pengelihatan and slow macular decline by strengthening the blood vessels in the back of the eye. According to research by Boston's Tufts University said the average rat eating blueberries for two months tend to be more rapid, coordinated, and can run with the focus by the Journal of Neuroscience.

5. Start with soup

You will consume fewer calories if you start eating a bowl of soup, according to a study at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Hot soup will help you fill your stomach so you will eat less in the main menu, says John Foreyt, Ph.D, a research director at the school nutrition programs. Individuals who consume a bowl of soup tends to lose weight around (about 1.3 pounds) compared to the other during the time interval of one year.

B. Mental Exercise

6. Write down all your emotions on a piece of paper

Jot down every three minutes in your journal, write an expression of love, or just a small note to your friends, says Pamela Peeke, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and author of Fight Fat After 40 (Viking, 2000). Especially when you're in a stressful situation, try to write your emotions with feelings of sadness. Researchers at the University of New York at Stony Brook found at least 47 out of 100 people with asthma and rheumatic arthritis in these studies proved to decrease the frequency and symptoms of illness they suffered after the events recorded that they were most stressed in their lives during four months. They recorded at least 20 minutes each day on three consecutive days. None of them are recorded on non-emotional topic which shows the change of value, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association last year. So try to dig up your emotions and be healthy.

7. Enjoy your life and live longer

Enjoy performing arts, such as watching movies, or just attending a concert at the weekend. Maybe you could live longer. A study of 1,200 people in Sweden found that around 36% of people who used to attend traditional events tend to have the power to live longer than those who rarely watch the event. Why? As reported in the British Medical Journal, like having fun can enhance the immune system and help ease the pain.

8. Playing music can increase your antibodies

Listening to jazz music for half an hour can increase immunoglobulin A (Ig A) immune system to fight infection and respiratory infection that can be raised about 14%, the study involves about 66 students University Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The study was published in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills. The increase in the frequency of antibodies did not affect body temperature according to the immonuglobulin A. But the soothing music can help you to be more relaxed and accelerate healing, said Michael G. McGuire, professor and director of Music Therapy at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

9. Play puzzle to prevent alzheimer's disease

Exercising your brain can reduce the development of alzheimer's disease. A recent study claims around 193 people with alzheimer's disease and 358 healthy people, especially the approximately 70 years old showed that those who are mentally active at age 60 years 40 samapai three times more at risk of alzheimer's. The study was conducted by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. It is quite reasonable, said James Mortimer, Ph.D, a director of the University of South Florida Institute on Aging. If you go to a gym and lifting weights, your muscles will grow big and strong enough to lift more weight. We're very surprised if you are not training your brain to start early. The theory is like a tree trunk in which brain cells will grow like a puzzle, board game, and games that require intelligence. Less use our intelligence as a rod that fell from the tree, Mortimer said.

10. Sharpen your memory with sleep

Lean, close your eyes, and try to relax for a few minutes that can help you clear your mind. If you are really asleep, all you do to reduce strees always make a change, said James B. Maas, Ph.D, a professor of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and author of Power Sleep (HarperCollins, 1999). It would be better: Go to sleep for 15 minutes but the quality. People always say that they do not have enough time, but they always had time for coffee. Rather than changing your bedtime with a cup of coffee, why not try to pay your sleep debt and recharge your energy? Very impressive, because you will go through the rest of the day more alive and your mood will be back either.

C. Bodybuilding

11. Rotates to reduce tension

If you suffer from tension in the back of your body, take a tennis ball and put on the ball and then stand with your back against back wall, put a tennis ball between you and the wall, move your back is to follow the direction of the ball in areas difficult to reach. You will feel like in a massage, said Dr. John Cianca, an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation in Baylor College of Medicine Houston.

12. Be a sphinx or cobra to relieve your back pain

Do yoga for three minutes with the style  sphink or cobra can relieve your back pain. Lie down with the stomach on the floor, hold your heel. Keep your hips stay on the floor, raise your body with your arms until your elbows. This exercise can help relieve muscle pain in your back, says Dr.Cianca from Baylor College of Medicine. But if you suffer from herniated disc or arthritis, exercise can not help you, immediately stop if the exercise is to make you hurt.

13. Sunglasses help prevent cataracts

Using sunglasses can help you avoid cataracts until about two-thirds as has been shown a 3000 study on fishermen in the Chesapeake Bay. The study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association two years ago. Lens of the eye including living things, and ultraviolet light can burn your skin like a burn that causes cataracts and other eye disorders, said Anne Consumers, MD, speaker of Ridgewood, New Jersey, ophthalmologist from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

14. Walk to reduce your weight

Walking for several minutes with a certain speed can burn more calories than when you sit down and watch TV. Walking about 10 minutes each day will burn 130 pounds on a diet of women who nearly 5 pounds each year if it had not changed his diet.

15. Many practicing

You can get quick results just by doing the three main basic training such as crunches, push-ups, and Squat. If you have trouble doing push-ups on the floor try to do it on the wall of your shoulder lean. To stand backside away from the wall and place your fist under his shoulders and move away from the wall. Back and then push your body without moving the elbows to the side. For abdominal exercises lying with her face to the floor with knees bent and feet parallel to the floor. Bend your arms in front of the chest and move your shoulders toward your knees. Exhale through the mouth when your body up and breathe air through your nose when you bend. Squat do to strengthen your buttocks and legs. Standing with feet parallel with the shoulder facing forward. Bend your body to let the full weight on your heels. You would like a chair to sit I do not like when you are looking for a contact lens, said Susan Magee, personal trainer and operations manager at the Memorial Athletic Club in Houston. Do not get too bent at the waist and make sure you do not open your fingers are too wide. Perform these exercises at least three times a week from 10 to 20 count. Add the set every time you practice and give their free time every 15 seconds of his set.

D. Goodness Maintaining

16. Brushing teeth and always use dental floss

Make yourself look younger than six years with a brush and clean between your teeth every day, says Michael Roizen, MD, an anesthesiologist and Internist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Roizen author of Real Age: Are You as Young as You Can Be? (Cliff Street Books, 1999), said that recent research shows a relationship between bacterial decay found in the mouth with bacteria found in the throat. Clean your teeth with dental floss every day can make your arteries younger, Roizen said. Men under 50 years of age who suffer from areas surrounding the teeth 2,6 times likely to experience premature death and three times higher risk of heart disease than men who scalloped and gums healthy.

17. Opponent of influenza by telling your baby to always wash your hands

Children who are used to wash hands with soap at least four times a day always attend class approximately 75%, where 25% due to the flu and 50% for abdominal pain than children who rarely wash their hands. The discovery was made in 305 primary schools in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, as cited in Journal of Family Practice.

18. Season your food to kill bacteria

Apples are in pasteurization can kill bacteria. Adding a teaspoon of mixture into the apple juice 64 not yet in pasteurization can kill about 99% of the bacteria E. Coli that may be, the light of a microbiology researcher at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. They also found that adding about 3 teaspoons clove in each quarter pound of hamburger also has the same effect. You can add more clove, cinnamon, garlic, and oregano. Bacteria E. Coli can lead to serious food poisoning, kidney damage, and can even cause death. You still have to heat up your food, although seasonings can also help, says Erdogan Ceylan, a microbiology research assistant.

19. Scrutinize your drug consumption

Always consult on your pharmacist about medications you are living a good herbal or other treatments, advice David Witmer, Ph.D, Director of Professional Practice and Scientific Affairs Division of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Bethesda, Maryland. Many people do not realize what type of drugs they consume, including cold medicine, antihistamines, birth control pills, especially herbal medicines and dietary supplements are usually react to each prescription drug, he added. Interactions between food, medicines, and supplements proven to cause death, which has killed about 7,000 people each year and 7% in the inpatient hospital, according to the Journal of the Geriatric Society.

20. Check your blood pressure regularly

You may be at risk of serious pain that sometimes does not show any symptoms if you use the medication cholesterol or blood pressure, and combined it with alcohol or drugs or use anesthesi, tattoos and always changing sex partners. In a healthy body is the heart of the largest organ in our bodies filter drainage, plant nutrients, and regulating the circulation of blood in the body. A test on the liver which cost about U.S. $ 200 can show if your liver is damaged due to excess of iron, irritation, or disease that causes hepatitis C singer Naomi Judd and vocalist ZZ, Top Billy Gibbons stopped a career. You must perform tests and regularly check up,ask the advice your doctor if you have a family history of heart disease or suffer the risk of viral hepatitis. Also at risk in patients undergoing treatment or who have been mentioned activities. The test is quite simple as taking your blood sample, and you must know, says David Brandhagen, MD, an expert hepatologist at the Mayo Clinic. If you act on a drug, you can stop to use it, because the liver can heal itself. But if you suffer from viral hepatitis, you should be checked to prevent further liver damage if you need treatment.

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