Marriage without problems is impossible, but that does not mean the problem should come up to you and your spouse at any time. If this happens, be careful. Check the cause of your household problems. Maybe you do one or several mistakes in marriage, as described below.

1. Not Appreciate
Although your spouse have a shortage, do not expose them to a friend or colleague. However, the couple wanted and should be rewarded.

2. Not Listening
You pretended not to hear when he/she speaks, you even more fun staring at television or computer screen in front of you, even go away. If  listening, you immediately cut the conversation and insist on your position.

3. Sexual Life "Grim"
Every time taken have sex, you reject the myriad of reasons, make a couple confused by your attitude is. Be careful, sexual life near death could threaten the marriage. Moreover, if the age of marriage is still relatively young. Immediately consult this matter to the doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

4. Always be True
Viewed from any perspective, you feel the couple is always wrong, and you know how it should be. Not want to admit mistakes is also included in this category. If  finally admitted, you are ready with a list of reasons which remain ultimately blame. Instead, answer a simple question with a logical answer and simple, not extended to other problems.

5. False Promises
You've promised to improve the attitude, but still repeated the same mistake again, even many times. Equate words with deeds. If it did not want to do it, do not give false promises.

6. Not Sensitive
When he says that what you've made her/her heart hurt or not should be disclosed, you should refrain from your words. Acknowledge her feelings, rather than saying that he had a bad sense of humor or too sensitive.

7. Be Honest
Avoid the habit of lying and secrecy on the couple. Once a lie, not infrequently, you have to do it again to cover up previous lies. So, over time you more astute. Be careful, this could damage the mutual trust.

8. Bad Habits
Despite knowing had a bad habit, you still do it. In fact, the couple had chills on your attitude. For example, you are always made to wait for hours every time an appointment, dressed up too long, or lazy messy clean house.

9. Selfish
You can buy expensive bags and shoes whenever you want, but the glaring and grumbling when the couple bought a bag to replace his worn. You also do not like when there are family and friends who visited the house because you was lazy to entertain them. When the couple took to the movies you often refused, but was always forced to accompany you shopping.

10. Temperamental
Not finished pair explained the reason, you are enraged and accused frivolous stuff. Tail, often times you are ashamed of myself because the situation was not as you think. Instead, get used to stifle the emotions that the issue could be discussed with a clear head and calm atmosphere.

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