You often have difficulty sleeping disorder? While everyone enjoyed the long break at night, you just stay awake? If you answered YES, then begin to think that this is a serious thing. Never ridicule, because sleep disturbances potentially cause death.

According to Dr Olga Parra conducting joint research team from the University Hospital Barcelona, Spain, difficulty sleeping or 'sleep apnea' can affect the rise in the risk of stroke that resulted in death. Difficulties during sleep is probably due to a disturbance on a regular basis when taking a breath.

This could be a risk of a death caused by stroke. Difficulty to sleep or 'sleep apnea' is estimated to experience nearly 20% of people and the least experienced respiratory problems during the interval was 10 seconds or more that can be experienced over 300 times in one night.

In his research, Dr Olga Parra involving 161 patients with stroke to see the relationship between the risk of stroke with 'sleep apnea'. "Our study is the first time mentioned the relationship between 'sleep apnea' and strokes that can cause death," he said. The relationship is very clear where the 'sleep apnea' is a respiratory disturbance during sleep due to delays in air flow.

Dr Olga Parra started monitoring for stroke patients after the hospital discovered the reality of a patient who suffered a stroke after a disturbance during sleep. For nearly 30 months of research, Dr Olga Parra face the fact that 22 of the 161 patients died.

Half of the 22 patients had suffered a stroke the second stage. Patients with the highest of the 161 patients were patients 'sleep apnea' and occupied the highest risk of stroke. Leadership team concluded Dr Olga Parra published by the European Respiratory Journal.

Stroke is a disease that causes most deaths and occurs when blood flow to the brain through barriers. Because hampered the flow of oxygen can not flow to the brain. According to the WHO in 2002 earlier estimated 5.5 million people worldwide died of a stroke.

Commenting on the results of research that Dr Olga Parra, Ludger Grote of Sahlgrenska Hospital, Sweden, said the research was to make people more and understand the role of 'sleep apnea' in patients with stroke. "Dr Olga Parra study clarifies the potential for sleep apnea in stroke patients. It could be a consideration to look at the implications for stroke management."

Now Dr Olga Parra will disseminate the results of their study to the center 'sleep apnea' all over Spain to reduce the number of deaths due to stroke. Next five years Dr Olga Parra raised hope that a new study.

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