After a day of work at the office, usually at home, we exchange pleasantries with the couple (both who have lived together or by phone) about the new day we are going through. But if the woman's turn to speak, the response from men is not more than confirmed what was said a woman as she was busy watching television or doing other things. Though maybe not all men do this, there are still many people who still do this, this is weird. Below are some ''sin list'' a lot done in relation to men!

1.The Orifice Phenomenon
You sputum, farting, spitting. This practice is not acceptable! If a woman walking her spit and do the things above, you are also so right away? Before doing the things above, find the bathroom.

2. Adjusting the Privates
It's about the parts of your body that you can not keep. Hey, they are not going to go anywhere, so do not worry. And if you have to scratch, do it secretly. Women also face the same problem, but you do not see them do it in public right? Once again, use the bathroom

3. Listen ! When you want it
Is there something in your brain that acts like a filter? Only filter your attention to the words that appear attractive, such as food or sex or something to do with you? Maybe she can be fussy and very noisy, and constantly talking about this and that. But he has the ability to choose what they hear in a conversation.

4. Tuning Out
This is interesting, because it might suddenly the man is so focused on something outside of it so there are things in your head seems to be not important. As for the women, there are at least ten problems playing in his head every time. It is very frustrating for a woman to see if you can not just go into the world of dreams and just indifferent to things around you.

5. Leaving a Trail
Men have a tendency to leave a trail here and there, starting when she was bathing, preparing meals, cleaning house or working on a project. This makes the women know where you are and are doing what.

6. Clippings and Shavings 
If you went into the bathroom and found the former (sorry) sanitary napkins and scattered underarm hair, you'll find this very disturbing. Well, often this is what happens to men, former beard or mustache is still there on the bathroom floor or used pieces of nails left on the floor. This is not only fun but also very disturbing, so do not forget to always clean the marks that.

7. Unobservant, Plainly Stated 
One more thing that can always be a man is indifferent. Not too important not to realize that his girlfriend was wearing a new perfume or a new home accessories? Well, this is wrong. Because  the details that make life more enjoyable. So look around you, look at the things that are not significant. This probably is a significant investment in the woman you love.
8. The "I'm sick, take care of me" Syndrome
It seems that most men tend to be a baby again when they are sick. They moan, complain and apparently nothing was right. Maybe your partner does not complain in your care, but instead of always complaining, why not try to appreciate what he has done for you?

9. The Wandering Eye
There are some men who have eyes ''wildly'' and usually see other women long enough so that their partner does not catch him. Then there are types of other men, those who just whistled at women walking in front of him. But most men try to be tactical while glancing, they just could not seem to eliminate the habit of ''shopping'' is.
Hey, she may also do the things that sucks too, but this is what women will feel your habits. Might help if you know what the views of the opposite sex will these things. Moreover, men and women were created differently with complementary purposes not it?

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