Studying in the last few years, the penalty being implemented in haste and not really relaxing way to many benefits for our health. This is the ninth of the benefit that can be obtained from the walking activity.

 1. Heart attack. First impressions of the risk of a heart attack. We know the heart muscle needs more blood flow torrential rains (coronary vessel of the gave him to eat) so that the normal form and function without stopping the blood pump. Therefore, the myocardial blood flow requires a fast and smooth. Walking a hurry to accelerate the flow of blood in coronary heart. Thus, the adequacy of oxygen the heart muscle and heart muscle are required to remain awake enough tap.
Not only that. The flexibility vein arterial trained body that will expand and contract helped by strain musculature of the body in the vicinity of the arteries, where the activities are done hastily that. The final result, blood pressure is usually lower, to sticky it between cells which can result in a blood clot CDE pipe plug will also be reduced.

2. Stroke. Despite the benefits of walking hurriedly towards the effects of a stroke is not as a real of coronary heart attack, some studies show that the results joy. Habituate only evidence of natural our  fathers run more activities per day, the time of the first cases of stroke is not so much now. A study of 70 thousand nurses (Harvard School of Public Health) to perform the work in the loop as much as 20 hours per week, their risk of stroke decreases 2/3 sick.

3. Body weight stable. In fact they do the walking routine, the rate increased body metabolism. Besides a number of calories disposed activity by walking, the excess calories are burned may have increased metabolism by the body, so the increase in body weight do not occur.

4. Residues. In addition to body weight is stable, that they began to over weight, can be obtained by carrying out the activities of walking hurriedly regularly. About luggage fat under the skin are burned when the zealous behavior of walking fast enough at most an hour or less.

5. Prevention of diabetes. Yes, come with a foot race approximately 6 km per hour, the time of about 50 minutes, appeared to delay or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, especially in  the fat (National Institute of  Diabetes and Kidney Diseases Gigesive).
As we know that the cases of diabetes that can be resolved without the need of the medicine can be done by choosing a regular exercise routine. When blood sugar can be controlled simply by exercise (walking sound), the medicine is not necessary. That means walking hurriedly to the same benefits anti-diabetes drugs.

6. Prevent osteoporosis. Yes. With exercises and walk fast, not only the musculature of the body strong, but also bone calluses. To calcium metabolism, exercise is also necessary, besides the need for the morning sunlight exposure. Not enough extra calcium and vitamin D only to prevent or delay the process of osteoporosis. The body should also exercise and takes less than 15 minutes most exposed to the sun that morning from the threat of osteoporosis. Those who practice since young, and  enough calcium consumption, the age of 70 years is estimated to be still free of the threat  bones porous.

7. Easy stiff knee. More than one third of the age in the United States experienced stiff knee (Osteoarthritis). Familiarize themselves with walking or running fast when choosing a swimming pool, a complaint may be painful stiff knee quiet. For those who have a stiff knee, the foot length should be, not every day. The aim is to provide an opportunity for the joint to ourselves.
One thing to remember for patient stiff leg or foot: not accidentally select the trainers. We know, with increasing age, the more narrow joint space, low joints more prone to low, and the liquid space is left joints. The condition of the joints like to be guarded and protected to prevent shake the heavy burden of the body, especially in the fat.
When the roller shoes (sol) exercise less soft shoes, shoes, not to act as a reducer shock. This means that the joints have the burden of heavy shaking during the walk, especially when running or jumping. This worsens the condition of the joints and can lead to seizures or have painful joint disease in the joints affected their risk of interference joints.
The emergence of painful joints after doing the activities of walking, could be mistaken, because the choice of the type trainers. Determine the quality of the brand roller shoes other than the suitability of foot anatomy. The habit of walking barefoot, even in the house but can worsen the condition of the joints, leg joints and feet, because the load and shock, to be shouldered by joints.

8. Depression. Body seemed quick feet also helps patients with depression status. Walking hastily antidepresan drugs can replace the need to drink regularly. Case studies of depression with a walk made more 10 years.

9. Cancer can not appear  if we are diligent walking, at least the type of colon  cancer (colorectal carcinoma).We know, participate in exercise wage intestinal peristaltic, so defecate more orderly. This cancer is also caused, feces of captive longer in the alimentary tract. Another study also mentioned, the walk can decrease the risk of breast cancer.

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