28 Facts about Women 

Here is the facts that the women have in general, although not absolute but at least it can reveal a little secret about women and may also help men to understand the behavior of women.

1. Women are very happy being a "consumptive." For, in their opinion, shops, stalls, malls, supermarkets, or market is a place where they feel as if controlled (the evidence they were "lost control" in that place).

2. Women really like all the things that are "bargain". So, the question of  "whether it is needed"  is not relevant. For them, all things being offered and sold like a game that fascinate and fair.

3. Women basically do not have anything to use. so, do not ask about the clothes rack in the toilet, "you must not only understand why. "

4. Women need to cry. And they will not cry unless they know that you can hear.

5. Women will always ask about things that do not have any definitive answers. This is an effort for them makes you feel guilty.

6. Women need to talk. So, they will always chat, talking, as silent or close the mouth is very harrowing for them, although they did not have to be discussed.

7. Women need to feel that other people have a more "bad" from them. That is why events such as the Oprah Winfrey Show is a success.

8. Women do not want sex as much as the desire of men. This is because sex is more physical for men, and emotionally for them. So, just knowing that men want sex with their sexual needs or desires they already met.

9. Women do not like insects. In fact, most women also always need men in their side if there are insects that appear.

10. Women can not keep a secret. Because it seems they are cut off from the inside. The result, they feel that is not a "sin" when you discuss the secret to the one or two people.

11. Women always want to appear in public groups. For, this gives them the opportunity to gossip.

12. Women did not hold to answer the phone does not, whatever they are doing. Because they consider it as a telephone lottery and the announcement they are winners.

13. Women never understand why men love toys. Are men really understand that they do not need a  "toy" when women have the key "on / off".

14. Women will think that all sense of  "beer" is the same.

15. Women will store three different types of shampoo and two types of conditioner in their bathroom.

16. After the women shower, do not wonder if the bathroom will smell like "tropical forest".

17. Women do not understand the "attraction" sports. Men will find entertainment as an opportunity to flee from reality. Women are looking for entertainment to remind them how "everything" can be dangerous.

18. When the men went out for a 7 day trip, they will bring clothes for five days and will be wearing the same clothes for several days. But when women go for the 7 day trip, they will bring clothes for 21 days. This is because they do not know that they will feel what they wear every day.

19. Women will trim the hair if they want to sleep.

20. Notice how the women eating ice cream, then you'll know how they are in bed.

21. Women will stipendiary (paid) is cheaper than men, except in the model.

22. Women are never "wrong". And apologize is the task of men. Hmm .. who actually seduce  Adam ate the fruit of apples?

23. Women do not know any car problem, but needed a car factory for the ad.

24. Women who have a place to sleep and is better than the men. For them to think in a dream they will be glorified.

25. The average number of goods in the women's bathroom is 437. Men will not be able to understand these goods.

26. Women will said that they like the funny animals such as cats. Men also said the same, but when not in front of women, he will kick the cat.

27. Women really like talking on the phone. They can stay in place during two weeks, and when to return home, they will call friends for 3 hours.

28. Women will freshen the dress (toilet) when you want to go out shopping, flush the plant, clean the garage, answer phone calls, reading books, or even open the letter.

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  1. ehhmm.. sebagian emg ada yg bener siihh,, hehe... :)

  2. hi..yoliszz,thank you, really funny girl?i think do right,women do like that..