Are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Other Social Media Ruining Communication?

Social media websites are changing the way we get online. Whether you have a MySpace page, a Facebook account, or a Twitter feed, these websites change the way we communicate. Previously shy people now share their sense of humor and, sometimes, shocking photos. Topics that might seem taboo in person are suddenly being discussed and debated in great detail. People who have not spoken in years are suddenly "friends" or "followers" and are hearing about the day-to-day details of each other's lives. Phone call frequency seems to dwindle, since friends can keep up with each other's lives without directly communicating.

So what does this all mean? Are we doomed to lose personal interaction? Will people make statements or be more blunt (or rude) because they can hide behind a computer keyboard? Will full sentences and proper grammar be replaced by abbreviations (like "gr8" for great) and online acronyms (including "brb" for be right back and "rofwl" for rolling on floor with laughter)? There are many people who fear that this may happen and some of these scenarios are very real possibilities.

Even though there may be some long-lasting effects from the advent of both these social media networks and technology like texting, overall the lines of communication will remain intact and grammar should survive. Most likely there will be some updates to acceptable word use, but news outlets, business professionals, works of literature, and educational material will continue to utilize proper grammar and spelling.

Also, there is only a certain level of socializing that can be done electronically. Yes, social websites allow for a further reach geographically, but true communication comes through personal interaction. It can become cumbersome to try to read (or to have to explain) the tone of a message. Changes in voice, eye contact, and body language all help improve the quality of communication.
Will technology have an effect on our way of communicating? Absolutely. Will electronic communication replace in-person interaction? Not in this lifetime.

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  1. That's a difficult question to answer... Sometimes I don't feel the need to keep in touch with someone when I can just learn up to date information about them online. Other times, I've actually been able to get into contact with people that would have been hard to find otherwise.

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