Peter Pan Syndrome is a term popular psychology  to discription for adults who do not have the social maturity or men who have never grown up. An age limit was stated that there have these symptoms at the of 30 age. This Syndrome not included in the mental aberration or psychopath. 
The characteristic feature Peter Pan syndrome is :
  • As children / Childly
  • Fear be mature 
  • Fear to committed 
  • Fear to married 
  • Fear for responsible
  • Less confident 
  • Fear be alone 
  • Feel anxious when the job evaluated in other people or superiors  
  • Easy adaptation for  people  in it are close personal 
  • Not tolerant of criticism 
  • Often switch pair, when asked for responsibility, he prefer to drop out 
  • No have a clear life planning 
  • be consumeristic, apathetic for contributif and creative in the groups
Peter Pan syndrome generally causes comes from parents over protective, especially the mother. Possibility the mother and family is too protect or to spoiled it. Because he is often be sick  since child or he coward also faineant .
Often we see children who are already adults but the behavior still like a child, all things have requested approval for his mother or other people who are considered more adult. Less quickly decide things, tend doubter, and like to fink
A very prominent feature is not behave like adults, children free, such as hold, does not want to be responsible and have no commitment.
As in the Peter Pan's  film , he will always be close and abiding to someone who's in the office have his self. For example in evaluation work, then he will be confused and he will ask protection to someone who can make comfortable. In generally women, it seems clever tergiversate , reverse, and a lie. On the film or the book Peter Pan close the person is Wendi. so with anyone woman close to adults  Peter Pan syndrome patient, she was also exposed to Wendy syndrome.
But the absolute mistake does not exist in the mother or woman who is exposed to Wendy syndrome. The father's role very big contribution it. A men that the characteristic features such as behavior above usually does not have any idol father can be proudly or fewer can be a role model.
And regular therapy in use to form their personality is back with , Cognitive behavior Therapy, Psychodrama, Tranpersonal Counseling, Family Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Adventure-Based Counseling.

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