Avoid stroke, diligently it to socializing

What's the connection between active in socializing with people with heart attack and stroke? Being fact. If you include people who like socializing or partying, be grateful. Because was living with socializing or partying can reduce the risk of infected heart attack or stroke.
Therefore the results of research for 30 years in Chicago  Northwesrtern University. The researchers found that 50% of men and a social conscious has a greater risk of stroke, and exposed to heart attack, compared to those with social activities.
Research that aims to understand the relationship between personality and health of someone. The researchers track the health history more than 2000 men over the past 3 decades, even 60% of the research object has died. Before death, they have filling questioner which can reveal their personality. The result? Some 50% of men died because the conscious heart attack or stroke. While groups like men who socialize with other people, have a lower risk of stroke, and exposed to heart attack. Although the research aims to reveal the personality and level of regard, someone's health, experts also include other factors. For example, the lifestyle of the participants who did to support the research into consideration.
Issued  from http://bbc.co.uk, results this research, experts categorize participants into 4 groups according to results of personality research. Group A  that is the personality characteristics that have prefectsionis, group B has a personality easy going features, personality characteristics C have shy personality and D, which has the  pessimistic character. 4 personality of this group, men of  type B is the most healthy.
"Do not be a mistake! We do not intend to create fear men gingerly with research. We are only trying to show links between personality, with someone's health," said dr. Eric Burner from University College London. "This study suggests that interact and socialize with other people that very important because it can make us better as human means, "He added.

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