All the teachings of Feng Shui is based on the principles: Putting an object in the right place for harmony and balance yourself, naturally. Like what you do, you must also enable the area to get harmony, health, love, romance, marriage, children, property, business, career, self development, success and aspiration. Feng Shui anywhere you choose, be consistent and practiced in a range at the same time. Most of the Feng Shui is an instinctive beauty as well as design and architecture intuition. Feng Shui is the geography, ecology, meteorology, astronomy, interior design draws on the Chinese philosophy such as Taoism, Buddhism and the tradition that he has thousands of years.

Next view Feng Shui in general:

1. Classical Feng Shui for the location of the home such as chairs. As must have a high hill behind the house, two small hills in front and a broad view, it is better to have water in front.

2. You must be running on the ride where you descend from.

3. Front and rear doors in the home or office may not be parallel in order to provide a chi fortune on you and your family does not directly come out.

4. You may not building located at the position skewer or two at the end of the road is related form letter "T" or not in the middle of three roads that form the letter "Y".

5. Foundation of buildings should be shaped or square box that describes the balance. Avoid the lines is not uniform or strange.

6. If there are elements of water such as rivers or lakes in your home, make sure the stream of slow and is located in the front, as a symbol of wealth will come about you, than that are in the back of the property means that the flow will avoid you.

7. Area in the front and side of the main entrance from your home or office should be unimpaired to facilitate entry of the flow of good Chi.

8. Beds must be located in the main line back to the home center horizontal strength, support and protection.

9. All doors and windows must be open even if you use it free or not.

10. Avoid properties near the tower, transformer, church, school, government office buildings and other institutions, hospitals, tombs, and the mortuary.

11. Do not have a bathroom or toilet in or near the entrance of the main visible when you enter the house. Also do not build two bathrooms on floor directly above the main entrance. Position such as this can cause great misfortune or misadventure.

The building was designed with the architecture according to good ecology, conservation, and topography with the clean air traffic and good air circulation. All this illustrates the principles of Feng Shui is good.

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  1. The basic fact behind these is orderliness. Your blog is very nice. Wish you all the best. God is Great.


  2. thanks you mr.mahmood,i just visit your blog.nice comment..succes for you and God Bless You too