10 The Women Criterion Who Looked for by Men
My friend once said that "That is so damaged men, he will certainly find good women who can make his life happy." And how many kind women are looked for by men? This is the answer : 
1) Women who love you with what is, sincere and faithful.

 2) Women who can make men feel more perfect or better in their lives. Such conditions will be felt by men without wised up, so any female, she will not feel that he has or can make the spouse to be better. That men, he does not like most is to make changes, but by itself it will change when he felt that the spouse is able to make it happen.

 3) Women who love to give and with all your heartfelt feelings. That means he received what the men who  loved it without conditions. Such conditions can strengthen the love when there are problems.

 4) Women who can be familiar with the families of men who loved. This means, he, not only the woman can be a boyfriend, but it also can be a part of the family of the man in question. He loved family man  just  the  way he is without theatricality. He would listen  confidante of brother who became it idol .He can be invited by the way parents are men, not even to be reluctant supporting if the family is grief stricken.

 5) Women in stable in emotions. This means he must know when and when issued  the emotions must make  cool. Remember, most men do not like lectured always with the nagging variety, although in principle he know that women have a nature that is like "talk". Basically, the men will appreciate women who suggest but with a nice word said audible tone with the gentle voice, with no element of anger let alone the emotions bubble over.

 6) Women who never tired to appreciate the personality of men. Yes, in any way between men and women with a wide variety of differences. Do not until the women demanded the men's valid as he want, of course will never be because men have their own personality.

7) Women who always respect the man. Difficult time, when women are always happy to put the men who  loved as a place to rest all her suspire. Under no circumstances shall always hear him talking about what he is.
8) Women are beautiful. Can not be denied if the physical part is important to be men when he set  the couple. Beautiful here does not mean beautiful face, more than that beauty in any of the very same set. And remember, beautiful does not mean he had to dress up or show a completely luxurious appearance. Not that, you appearance interesting, neat, clean, and in accordance with the program especially when accompanied with a sincere smile is captivating, it can make the men think much time to leave you.

 9) Women's intelligent. One character is a woman like this she can talk to about anything, it is because the wide wawasannya. Anyone who enjoy the feeling with the response back up for discussion can occur. Usually, women can also be intelligent to think about a problem, and even he often uses  the intelligen to make the spouse happy.

10) Women's self. Keep in mind that the previous as independents a woman must still respect the partner. Men will be amazed at the woman who lives independently, especially if he can provide assistance when needed by the men, automatically the feeling of love will highly increased. However, men will leave any woman who seems not independent but requires the presence of himself.

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