Understanding the behavior of consumers

5  stages in the consumer's needs to make a purchase and thereafter :

 1. Recognizing the need for
Consumers have to realize the things that are less demanding and to meet at, such as thirst and hunger.
2. Search for information
To meet the needs of the above, the information that consumers find truly objective.
3. Evaluate alternatives.
Consumers consider a variety of benefits and risks in the information obtained from the entrance.
 4. Decision making.
After the evaluation phase, the consumer will immediately take a decision and this can also influence people's attitudes and other things that an unexpected, such as the financial condition worsened.
5.Evaluate after making a decision.
After making a purchase, customers will evaluate the action these purchase. If satisfied then he will buy back at a time and loyal to the product, if it will not happen otherwise.

Understanding the behavior of consumers is one way to find out what the things that influence someone to make decisions in a purchase. It this related with marketing strategies, so after identify and understand consumer behavior, we can be a strategy which is most appropriate that can give satisfaction and meet the needs of consumers. There are two factors that influence someone to take a decision, including: factors from within himself and the environment. Of factors in mind is the consumer that includes the needs, motivations, perceptions, attitudes, which include demographic characteristics, lifestyle, and personality factors consumer. And value environment include culture, social class which is in communication shape groups, from mouth to mouth and cross-group.

Based on the purpose of purchasing consumer can differentiate into the individual consumer and organizational customers where there are several things that play a role in the purchase of goods and services, including : Initiator, that is the person who suggested the idea to purchase goods and services. Or people who have views that influence the decision to the person for buying. Decision maker that determine the decisions of the people who make a purchase, the user or the person who consumption.

One kind of decision making is the purchase of a system consisting of input to output process. Where in the  that input process is the need of consumers. This also affected the company's marketing efforts such as product, promotion, pricing and distribution in support of social-cultural environment, family, and informal sources, the source of the non-commercial, social class, culture and sub culture. Into consumer decision-making process from the introduction needs, information search prior to purchase, evaluate alternatives in supporting several psychological factors, namely, motivation, personality, learning, perception, attitude. Where experience had a role in this process. Meanwhile, output or end result that is post-purchase decision making is, the experiment can also purchase or purchase and after re-evaluation is done after the purchase.

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