When we activity sure will be busy in the range of work. If already so, resistance is usually decreased and the body of free radicals easily penetrate body defense.
To overcome this, we generally consume vitamins that act to increase body immunity.But now have other ways a more natural, with the natural material ingredients, but powerful enough for to try. Some material which can be options for maintaining the body's resistance is the Garlic, Sitake mushrooms, Brazil nuts, Avocado and Bali Citrus. Fifth materials can be create strong immune disease. So you can to try it.
    1. Garlic 
Kitchen ingredients that have a single root contains various subtance, one of is allicin to stimulate white blood cell (leukosit) production . Addition, garlic is also helpful to lower high blood pressure. For the maximum benefit, let garlic get free air for ten minutes before the intervention into the cuisine. 

2. Sitake Mushrooms
Shaped like a mushroom umbrella brown and has a strong taste and contain lentin capable of triggering production interveron, the competitor virus and bacteria that can cause weakness of the body resistance.

 3. Brazil Nuts
To get the benefits you can boil it or consume nuts as its mixture of food. Beans contain this mineral selenium can prevent fever, is also rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin E, gluthation, and zinc. 

4. Avocado 
Vitamin E contents in the fruit is able to neutralize free radicals and the risk of infection, while vitamin B is able to help antibody production naturally. than that in the avocado fruit is also proactive and omega 6 fatty acid essensial can ease inflammation, you can mix a drink consumption as juice without added sugar a little ice.

 5. Bali Citrus
There are betakaroten, folat and it potasium make this fruit as a means of detoxification, because it contains high antioxidants. take grapefruit size that have been peeled, enter to juicer and mixed enough water.

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