Many home owners are still to trivial home insurance. Home insurance can not be trusted to give full benefit.

However, external risks such as natural disasters floods, landslides, and the waterspout has continually lurk building our house. So, do not delay until the disaster came because the house also need protection that you make the withdrawal on other valuable objects, such as car or motorcycle.

Secure, there ara role in insurance. Not only provide physical protection of course, but also non-physical or financial. Some of the benefits of becoming a customer of insurance, among others:
  • You as a customer will get financial compensation if the insured object is exposed to direct risk listed in the congressional policy.
  • You will get that forced the cost of insured post-disaster issued, the cost of cleaning such debris-rubble of damaged buildings or the cost of the architect or surveyor to renovate or rebuild the house post-disaster insured.
  • You will get cost after sales prime service without having to wait for the occurrence of such as:
* Information value of forecasts of inflation when the extension of insurance policy so that all buildings and contents building homes insured with adequate and reasonable value
* Check the condition of the building free of termites or pest attack house
* Many info from the insurance
* Membership automatically

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