You certainly have often heard and know that at this time the condition of the air in the earth, the more we make this course make worry very much.The thing impact on the people and all sentient. We as a settler in the earth, should have to continue to try to prevent negative impacts and to improve the direction of a more better. You want know what it is?

1.  Keep Hygiene Campus   
While sitting relaxed in the canteen/messroom, if you do not feel the hearth see waste disordered? Although we can think that it is the task of cleaning guards? But we dispose of cooking waste, tissue, cigarette butt on the place just so so heavy? Come on, we start from the self  always dispose of waste in place.

2.  Private Smoking
Maybe you do not have a campus facility smoking area. But, is to be careless  smoking.Try to get the smoke to a friend or a smoker you for smoking in a place special.

3.  Maximize Hygiene Facilities
When this has been a lot of places in the waste disposal based on the promiscuous type. There are organic waste (wet waste) and inorganic waste (dry waste). Maximize to obey it. Instead with facilities that help the environment, you also help the sanitation workers and speed up the process filtering garbage collected.

4.  Put Sign On it
Invite some friends for make call the board with interesting design.Like, do not carelessly throw garbage, turn off lights when not in use, use water necessary and then stick this call board on strategic places.

 5.  Bike to Campus
To live near the campus, you can contribute for succes "Bike to campus" program.Rest your bike and motor car and start biking to campus .Beside more healthy, you can also reduce pollution and more importantly your money sparingly.

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