When the info in the property you plan to buy a house would you expect the best results in accordance with the cost of which will be issued. Therefore, before you start to see candidates your home, you should make a priority list to purchase a house. Tips to buy a note home / apartment in the business to buy property below:

   1. Determining how to pay for stuff in your house 
Property in the info you need to know how big your temper. The key is to buy a house should either make more of your life more prosperous. Do not leave home because of the purchase / credit to make this house even decrease your standard of living and style and does not reach other financial goals in the future.
A number of the cash must be available in the process of purchasing a house even though your home loan. Because, in general, the purchase transaction house / apartment with a cheap home loan is divided in 2 phases, namely advance payment with the house first, the seller will ask for money from down payment, the large variety of usually at most only 30% of the price of the house.
    2. Decide what the house you want
Before you start to see candidates your home, you should make a priority list need it of the house / apartment  will purchased as the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, pages, garage, roof condition, walls, and others. And then make a list of the facilities - public facilities that you need later, such as water, electricity, public roads, sanitation, houses of worship, schools, markets, and others. Add more to the list other requirements such as flood-free, the certificate of house and not in any dispute.
    3. Preparing a number of cash advance to home and another cost
Some cash should also recommended to anticipate the occurrence of costs  purchasing a house / buy apartement in the property business, among others, money or sign a booking fee, deposit, sale and purchase deed, the name behind the cost of the certificate and notary fees, and so forth.
    4. Search for source of funds or financing sources
Info buy property in the house / apartment to buy in the property business can be done with the 2 way that is in cash and credit or a combination of both. If you want to buy a home / sell the apartment in cash, you can set up some funds, such as how to save regularly or invest. So that the accumulation of funds to save the results or the benefits of investment can be used to buy a good house / apartment cheap.
Advantages of buying it in cash, then you do not need to depend on other parties and the most fun you are free from the obligation to pay the monthly installment. Just may take a very long time to reach a number of funds that you need to buy a house / apartment cheap property in the info.
With high house prices at this time, some of you may be difficulties in providing the funds in cash purchase of a good house / apartment Jakarta. You can still buy a house with a loan to the Bank. In general, funds that can be given credit by the banks is a maximum of 70% just from the price of the house will be purchased, the rest of 30% must be financed by itself and is considered as a house down payment.
    5. Check the obligations on the debt or any other party before you submit a credit to the Bank
The Bank has its own analysis and sources of information that can be trusted to know the condition of your financial picture. Therefore, before a loan to the Bank, please check back debt and your other debts. Installment credit cards, installment motorcycle, car repayments, and others.

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