Sea Not Absorption Carbon Anymore

Before the issue of global warming, among the scientific understanding that the sea water is carbon absorption (carbon sinks). However, with knowledge as a result of various research about global warming and its impact, the new show the sea that is not  carbon absorption , but already on the position as a net producer of carbon (net carbon source). Indeed, the sea can act as a carbon  absorption  and also as a provider of carbon to the atmosphere, depending on the condition. In the absorption of carbon is in a casual atmosphere to be in the form of the gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Sea will absorb carbon if carbon dioxide gas partial pressure in the atmosphere is higher than pressure in the sea. Conversely, sea will release carbon when carbon dioxide gas partial pressure in sea water  higher in the atmosphere of  it pressure.
Sea function absorption  as carbon in the divide of  two, namely  through active absorption  and passive absorption. In, active absorption phytoplankton that have clorophille  and helping sunlight, utilizing carbon dioxide gas to the process of photosynthesis and yield of sugar (carbohydrate). In the passive absorption,  gas carbon dioxide will dissolved in sea water naturally and easily and quickly establish acid carbonat. Acid  reaction pace back in the process also takes place quickly so that it is difficult to distinguish between carbon dioxide and carbonic acid in water.
Sea water is cold and a lot of turbulence carbon dioxide tend to absorb from the atmosphere, while the sea water is warmer and more water movement tends to be a more peaceful release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In early 1990, the sea is suspected as a net carbon sink with the North Atlantic Ocean as  the absorption largest, about 60% of the total ocean. Exchange process of carbon dioxide gas is less important in the passive compared with the exchange process is active. Theoretically, if the population in the sea phytoplankton increasing, the absorption of carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere also increases so that the carbon sinks into the sea.

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